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  1. Currently a PA student looking for insight on the day to day of an Army PA, additional opportunities, best duty locations, and benefits Background- Army Reserve medic x 3 years
  2. Hey all, Prior active duty currently in the reserves and will be applying for the IPAP not this up coming cycle but the next. And one thing my wife and I talked about was potentially going back to active duty to finish out my 20 years. I know that if you go to IPAP as a reservist you have to do 6 years as a reserve PA, but the question is is it possible to go active after that 6 (or even before the 6 are up) and is that process the same with the 369 form? Any guidance is welcome since we’re serious about it! thanks! Mac
  3. I found some old post about this topic but only a few people were involved and it was from quite a few years back. I thought I'd bring it up again for more clarification for all. Looking for suggestions on how to/ how you enter military experience into CASPA. What are your thoughts on dividing all of that up between medical and non-medical experience, training and schools, deployment vs. garrison, leadership roles, and awards? Did you add past certs that have since lapsed? Should it be broken down by each duty station or each title? Also, how did you quantify the number of hours and shou
  4. I'm going to be applying to PA school soon, as well as a slot for the HPSP for the Air Force. I was wondering if there was a scholarship that goes through the Army or if its the same scholarship as the Air Force. I would love as much info as I can get.
  5. Good Evening All, I have been contemplating this for some time. LECOM has developed a 3 yr PA-->DO program. The pass rates and scores have been above the national average and the matches look pretty good. I am getting out of the Army soon. Ive been in for 8 yrs (only part as a PA) and will be 29-30 at the time of matriculation. The question: I am eligible for 36 months of Post-911 GI bill that will cover about 80-90% of the cost of school plus living expense (about 1300$ monthly) as well as books. This is a veteran right and requires no additional service. My loans after school would
  6. I am a recent new grad (17 months out) and I am looking at joining the National Guard or the Army Reserve to get a little help with my CRUSHING school loan debt. Anybody have any thoughts on pros and cons of one vs. the other? Likelihood of deployment of one vs. the other? I am older than the average new guy(40), and I have a wife and kids, so that's why I am considering one of the more "part-time" service options. Thanks.
  7. I recently contacted an Army medical recruiter about direct commissioning as a PA after (civilian) school. I thought I'd share what they told me for those who are curious : I'm interested in hearing from anyone that direct commissioned (active duty Army), or is in the process of. Thanks!
  8. Former AD Army 92R, 68V....soon to be graduating from PA school in Dec 2017. I am interested in loan repayments and serving. I will be moving to Buffalo, NY in early 2018. Does anyone have any information on a number of slots, (if any assigned to BFLO or Rochester) where I would drill, or who I may be assigned to, deployment opportunities and or military training opportunities? I've spoken to an AMEDD recruiter, but he had limited information on these questions. I'm currently out of state and it's it's several hours away. I'd be interested in the Army, Navy, or Airforce, but I'm under the
  9. Hi all! I'm about to enlist in the National Guard in order to proceed to IPAP next fall. I'm currently an undergrad with one semester of school left and have fulfilled all requirements except 2 chemistry credits and shadowing hours and I just have a few questions. I've been told that PAs in the guard, after completing school, only have to drill 4 times a year, does anyone know if this is true? I'm also curious if anyone knows if, during the program, students stay on base or if they are paid BAH and if my significant other would be able to move with me? In addition, I currently on
  10. Hi All, I submitted by application for the Army HPLRP a couple months ago and was recently told by my recruiter that I have been activated off the order of merit. Are there any recent Army direct commissions out there (went to civilian PA school and then straight into active duty Army) that can shed some insight on their experience? Feel free to PM me or just talk amongst the forum for others to see.
  11. I'm trying to pursue a navy/marine physicians assistant career (Army PAs welcome to amswer too). I'd love to hear some of the stories that have accumulated from this job. What were your deployments like? What type of injuries were you treating? Did you ever see combat? Are you given a firearm?
  12. Alright, Hello, everyone! Let me start off by saying thank you for reading this post. I am currently an 11B stationed at Fort Drum, NY. I've been in for just over 2 years now. I have recently submitted a packet for OCS (already have my AS/BS degrees). I am looking around at my options as far as other specialties in the Army for after graduation from OCS. A PA position is intriguing to me given the opportunities to go to schools and have a solid base for once I get out of the Army 18 years down the road. I have no real training in the medical field besides the basic training they give
  13. I am looking for preceptors in the Savannah, Ga/Fort Stewart area for my clinical rotations next year. My children and I live in NC right now while my husband is stationed in Savannah at HAAF. We really want to be together again so I am trying to find clinical rotations in the area. ANY help would be great! Looking for: Family Medicine, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Peds, OBGYN, and BH. PA-C, MD, DO, NP- all can be a preceptor :) Thank you!
  14. Hi guys, I'm hoping there may be some UNE applicants/students who can help me out. I'm an army medic, just leaving service, with a good bit of HCE and a burning desire to go the PA route. However, I have yet to start my bachelors at UNE. I've been told to go for any major that interests me, and complete prereqs on the side, but UNE's pre-PA track has me concerned. Do you think that majoring in something besides pre-PA, at a school with a pre-PA program, will greatly reduce my chances of being accepted to their PA program? I imagine that they have some quota of pre-PA students that they
  15. Hi guys, I'm hoping there may be some UNE applicants/students who can help me out. I'm an army medic, just leaving service, with a good bit of HCE and a burning desire to go the PA route. However, I have yet to start my bachelors at UNE. I've been told to go for any major that interests me, and complete prereqs on the side, but UNE's pre-PA track has me concerned. Do you think that majoring in something besides pre-PA, at a school with a pre-PA program, will greatly reduce my chances of being accepted to their PA program? I imagine that they have some quota of pre-PA students that they
  16. While training with my unit for an upcoming deployment, I was sent to the Combat Lifesaver Course (CLS) and certified as an additional duty during the. Basically the bridge between buddy-aid and the medics who arrive after help is called. How do I quantify this for CASPA experience entry?? My primary job was quite different, I was a convoy commander during the deployment. Each convoy had to contain at least 1 CLS qualified soldier in the case of IED/enemy contact. So, I was in "standby" status on every convoy. Any suggestions on how to add up that type of hours..? Fortunately, the only
  17. (Thank you EMEDPA) Any PA looking for a Southern California opportunity, please contact me ASAP at jbotto@globalmso.com Apex Emergency Medical Group, Inc., a premier Southern California Emergency Medical Group, currently has three long-term contracts in Riverside and San Bernardino County, California. We are offering exceptionally rare, full-time opportunities to Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to staff all of our Emergency Room contracts at Hemet Valley Medical Center, Menifee Valley Medical Center, and Victor Valley Medical Center, to provide Rapid Triage and Acute Care.
  18. I graduate PA school in August 2016 and have been considering joining a branch of the military as a PA. I am aware that there are (typically) 5 week programs combining both physical and academic aspects to prepare students for a life in the military as a Physician Assistant. Does anyone have any further experience/knowledge (ie: Air Force vs Army vs Navy, etc) and how competitive/selective these programs are. Thank you!
  19. Here is my question: How much does your first job determine the future of your career? I am a student who has just completed interviews at a few highly reputable PA programs. While interviewing at these programs, many of the directors made the comment, "Don't just come here because our school has a big name. Where you graduated from only gets you your first job. The rest of your career depends on what you did at that first job and the most recent job after that." To me, that statement makes a lot of sense. I have talked to a handful of recruiters, Docs, PA's and PA educators about thi
  20. Curious about NHSC Loan Repayment or the NHSC Scholarship? In this blog posting, I've included the former as well as many other loan repayment options and scholarship options you might not know about. Take advantage of this information! You might be a current PA student, a practicing PA, or a pre-PA student considering repayment options for your loans. Make sure you know other resources out there before you make a decision! This information is just to get you started and is by no means all inclusive. I realize there may be many more options out there, but I did the best I could to get your min
  21. I am a junior in HS. I'm trying to plan out my future and a PA looks like the career i want to pursue. I want the experience of being in the military while doing something i love. Just curious, how can i become a PA in the Army or Navy? What steps did you take? Do you first have to get your education at a college then enlist or are there other options/routes? The only problem, for me, if i were to go to college first, is paying back loans/debt.(Yes i know their are scholarships and financial aid) Any other advice or tips is much appreciated P.S. I know that ROTC will p
  22. There was a thread on here before with some really great answers to explain the role of a PA to patients quickly and simply. I can't seem to find it. I would love it if someone could help me locate it! Thanks!
  23. I am a new PA (with 3 months family practice experience) and am seriously considering joining the military. I already serve a large (90%) of the marine population as a civilian PA. I am going to contact the recruiters, but was wondering if anyone in the military had any advice on which branch to pick... or how to start? Any inside advice? and Will they take me with so little experience, or should I ride out the contract that I have now with my employer, which ends in December? My girlfriend tells me not to join the marines or navy because of "sexual harassment" issues she's heard about
  24. Hello all, I would like some feedback from Athletic Trainers that are in PA school or are currently PAs. I have been a certified athletic trainer for the last 6 six working in the professional sports setting but recently I have been intrigued by the PA profession for various reasons. Any information would be helpful.. thanks!
  25. For those of you who have deployed, what are the the best military pre-deployment medical classes to attend as a PA and any recommendations for my medics? I've looked at ATRRS but would like to rank these so we can prioritize the funding. 3GeronimoPA--any words of wisdom from your recent return? Any resources you favor?
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