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In my pre-pa club a member asked a question about surgery for PA’s. The question was “Is it true that in order to assist in surgery you need to do an extra year of schooling after your PA program? Do this require you to pay more for school? Is this included in your PA schooling years or would you need to reapply for that surgical year?” 

I thought it was an excellent set of questions, which I would like more answers for. 

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No. Plenty of folks are hired right out of school into surgical positions.

There are, however, several optional surgical residencies available to PA-Cs. They usually last a year and pay something in the neighborhood of $50,000. You may be able to defer student loan payments during residency.

Residencies can be very intensive, and there’s no denying that the experience is incredibly valuable, especially for someone just starting out as a practitioner.

PA residencies are available for a lot of other specialties, too, but seats are limited. There’s usually an application process requiring letters of recommendations and the like.

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