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  1. kidpresentable


    A large health care system in my state has made urgent care providers accessible to patients by a smart device app. Has anyone here practiced outpatient mental health using this method? Whether you have or haven’t, how does the idea strike you?
  2. kidpresentable

    RN to PA

    Not interested in anesthesia anymore?
  3. kidpresentable

    Why I love rural EM

    From a few lines in, I was beginning to wonder if the post was in line with this thread’s title. Then I read your conclusion Still sucks. Sorry to hear it
  4. A dilemma like this is nothing Fight Club can’t solve
  5. kidpresentable

    Not an actual doctor

    Lived in Guatemala for two years, and I don’t believe I’ll be going back any time soon
  6. kidpresentable

    Essential oils infuriate me

    Mostly surprised by this word, actually
  7. kidpresentable

    How Much $$$ Do You Make? Poll (Pt.2)

    I’m trying to think of a way to include other factors like this while maintaining anonymity - that would be pretty informative. I suppose there’s always the AAPA report though
  8. kidpresentable

    Verified PA only section

    Sounds like Lost and How I Met Your Mother
  9. kidpresentable

    Verified PA only section

    So we’re not talking about read-only access for those without licenses, we’re talking complete invisibility. I assume the mods could move threads between the sub-forum and the public view if ever appropriate (ie, a thread that doesn’t really need to be in the sub forum)? Firefly/Serenity are awesome, I liked Rogue One, and I’ve still gotta see some of the other series mentioned. I saw a couple episodes of The Orville awhile back, and it was exactly what you’d expect: Seth Macfarlane writing and acting in Star Trek. Hardcore Trek fans would be appalled, but more casual watchers like myself can chuckle at the ribbing.
  10. kidpresentable

    critical care residency log

    This is so awesome. I love reading about the transformation you’re undergoing as a provider. How much time did you have between graduation and starting the residency btw? If you don’t mind me asking, did you still have student loans when you started? Enjoy the sweet schedule next month!
  11. kidpresentable

    CCM fellowship after EM residency

    Are these all 12-hour shifts? Have they mentioned a starting salary for when you finish the training?
  12. My hospital system reimburses similarly to the one @MT2PA mentioned: $2k/year for any courses with no commitment $3k/year for certain “hard to hire” position (rad tech, etc.) with a two-year post-grad commitment $5325/year to current nursing students with a two-year post-grad commitment Regardless of the track, the student-employee must work 24 hours/week
  13. Was this graph from BUMC of tuberculosis deaths in Great Britain among their data? The trend is attributed to improvements in living conditions. Even so, the WHO says 53 million didn’t die from tuberculosis between 2000 and 2016 thanks to effective dx/treatment
  14. kidpresentable

    Admissions for Minorities

    Hm... Decrying a call for civility, ignoring responses with actual, substantive solutions... We’ve got a word for that on the internet: troll. For the record, @rev ronin and @UGoLong could have been two of your greatest resources as a would-be PA. Fortunately for you, in spite of yourself, they still are. That’s a reflection of the type of people they are. But even if they don’t close the topic, I’m definitely done reading it.

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