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  1. Right, you said post bacc. I guess my point is that every program requires a bachelors and several still invited me to interview knowing it was in the works.
  2. You can contact the schools to find out if they’re ok with it. I applied in May to programs that didn’t mind, finished my degree in August at the end of summer semester, and got interviews.
  3. I agree. I could live with Advanced Medical Clinician — it’s distinguishable from other professions and it emphasizes the medical model.
  4. Voceras are nice, but apparently they’re pretty pricey. And since this is the first I’m seeing the new pic, lookin good, @rev ronin
  5. Eh, it’s a Friday night - what can I say? H&H? Alert and oriented? Does he report dark or bright red stool? You guys don’t have much in the way of GI consult, right? Anybody that can scope nearby? How much O2 needed to get him to 90+?
  6. I recently met an enterprising young lass who claimed she could use all our old morphine that’s just sitting around as a reagent in a highly marketable product popular with people of all ages. Can you believe it? We’ve met several times now, and she’s even offered me part ownership in her business in exchange for my help! Now I know all of you naysayers will ask: she definitely has a medical license, ok? She just keeps forgetting it at her house. I tell ya, I never had that kind of gumption when I was her age. She’s a real American... um... female version of the word ‘hero’...
  7. A large health care system in my state has made urgent care providers accessible to patients by a smart device app. Has anyone here practiced outpatient mental health using this method? Whether you have or haven’t, how does the idea strike you?
  8. Not interested in anesthesia anymore?
  9. From a few lines in, I was beginning to wonder if the post was in line with this thread’s title. Then I read your conclusion Still sucks. Sorry to hear it
  10. Lived in Guatemala for two years, and I don’t believe I’ll be going back any time soon
  11. I’m trying to think of a way to include other factors like this while maintaining anonymity - that would be pretty informative. I suppose there’s always the AAPA report though
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