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  1. Based on your timeline, I’d say you attended a remarkably, unusually cheap program
  2. What does she think of Medical Care Practitioner?
  3. I see you’ve all met my cousins I was hopeful that since they voted for someone who took credit for the vaccines, they’d be more inclined to get it
  4. Maybe we can still wake up to our impending doom and pull off a Manhattan Project/COVID vaccine-like effort to prevent the profession’s imminent demise
  5. Wife just accused my necktie collection of being “old and ratty.” Was about to buy some more but I thought I remembered hearing they’re germ magnets. Those of you who dress up for work, what style of noose are you using?
  6. It refers to physicians, PAs, NPs, etc. I was going to say you could think of it as being interchangeable with “prescriber,” but that’s not fully inclusive as “provider” can also refer to mental health professionals who see patients but don’t prescribe, for example.
  7. I thought I heard somewhere that statistically your odds don’t improve beyond 12 schools, but I can’t give a source. I interviewed with a woman who applied to more than 20, got lots of interviews, and felt compelled to attend most of them for one reason or another. How much did that all cost her? How many of those programs did she actually attend in the end? Food for thought.
  8. Did they specify the problem the blocks caused? Were they mad they couldn’t assess sensation in the rest of the hand?
  9. How about working primary care and having a family member at home on any of the mentioned agents + azathioprine? Keep working?
  10. @EMEDPA Been meaning to ask for an update. Still using this quite a bit?
  11. Great point. Have you always been equally worried about those things, did it concern you more as a newer PA due to lack of experience, or does it worry you most now that you’ve seen all the different ways any of those things can happen?
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