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  1. It refers to physicians, PAs, NPs, etc. I was going to say you could think of it as being interchangeable with “prescriber,” but that’s not fully inclusive as “provider” can also refer to mental health professionals who see patients but don’t prescribe, for example.
  2. I thought I heard somewhere that statistically your odds don’t improve beyond 12 schools, but I can’t give a source. I interviewed with a woman who applied to more than 20, got lots of interviews, and felt compelled to attend most of them for one reason or another. How much did that all cost her? How many of those programs did she actually attend in the end? Food for thought.
  3. Did they specify the problem the blocks caused? Were they mad they couldn’t assess sensation in the rest of the hand?
  4. How about working primary care and having a family member at home on any of the mentioned agents + azathioprine? Keep working?
  5. Feel free to elaborate if you so choose, either of you
  6. @EMEDPA Been meaning to ask for an update. Still using this quite a bit?
  7. Great point. Have you always been equally worried about those things, did it concern you more as a newer PA due to lack of experience, or does it worry you most now that you’ve seen all the different ways any of those things can happen?
  8. I also fully intended to include a line for residency, forgot, and now can’t figure out how to add one
  9. I know, I know, it’s simplistic, reductive, divisive, outrageous, egregious, preposterous. Fight me in the comments, but vote anyway.
  10. The answer to this question is “yes.” Lots of other good points have been made here too.
  11. Hands down. I also wonder how OP would do with the PA-CAT, but I guess we’ll never know.
  12. Correct me if I’ve got the wrong program, but according to this page of prereqs, they want college algebra OR pre-calc OR calc OR geometry OR trig. If you’ve taken any of those other ones, it sounds like you won’t need trigonometry. That said, I didn’t mind trigonometry. More fun than statistics IMO.
  13. Care to elaborate? This seems pretty open and shut to me. Doesn’t reporting “in good faith” afford certain protections here?
  14. Just terrible. We’re gonna need a thread of everyone’s ridiculously happy stories after this... Edit: Oh yay, I thought of one too. I lost a grandma to leukemia when I was 12. Years later, I took a job on a different floor of the hospital she died in. Had a patient one day with GI symptoms who reminded me of Grandma, except that she seemed perfectly healthy. Interacting with the patient felt like getting back the opportunities I’d missed to really get to know her. She’d been expecting the doc to come see her all day, and he finally did toward the end of my shift: abdominal cancer, surgery needed ASAP. She declined, said she was “too old to deal with the recovery.” She may have been right, but to me it seemed like if anyone her age were going to handle surgery well, it would’ve been her. She was discharged before my next shift. A few weeks later her obit was taped up in the break room.
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