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Advice regarding waiting for grades vs applying early

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Hello everyone! I recently decided to choose the PA route during the last quarter of my senior year (graduated 2018) and I have been taking a few pre reqs to catch up.

As of now, I will technically have my pre reqs done by early June. However I planned to retake Chemistry because I had 2 C’s in the class and I want the schools to see that I can do well in Chemistry. The retake classes wouldn’t finish until mid August (at the latest).


My question: Do you guys think it’s better to send in my app early in June, especially since I’m planning to apply for some schools with rolling admissions? Or should I wait until I get my grades back from the retake and send my app by late August?


My undergrad GPA right now is around sGPA: 3.25 and cGPA: 3.425 (this is based on my own calculation while following “how to calculate your GPA” on CASPA’s website). This doesn’t include my post bacc work with pre reqs and I’m hoping my GPA will go up too after classes.


The schools I'm looking at are mostly in CA (and a few out of state) and are ok with a C for prereqs. And they are ok with having "in-progress" coursework on CASPA.


Thank you!

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If you apply before getting your other grades back, the schools will not recalculate your GPA when you send in those transcripts. So basically if you apply early the above stats you posted will be what you're working with this cycle. If these other classes will help increase your GPA, I would consider waiting. Once you submit there's no turning back. 

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Would you be enrolled in chemistry before June? You could list the course as in progress (https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Filling_Out_Your_CASPA_Application/2._CASPA_Academic_History/3Transcript_Entry) and then programs would understand that you are actively retaking a course you got a C in. I doubt that a single class will increase your GPA significantly and applying early is very beneficial especially with rolling admissions. Try to calculate how significant the GPA increase would be and weigh how important that GPA boost would be compared to applying earlier in the cycle.

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