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  1. I feel the first job description sounds like it could qualify as PCE. What's the job title? Obviously hearing from the schools themselves will be your best answer. Additionally a position like the one you described will probably not be considered high quality PCE so you will need a high GPA/GRE to balance your application. Go to the interviews, see what positions you are offered, and then work from there. Getting another job is often easier when you have a job.
  2. https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Submitting_and_Monitoring_Your_CASPA_Application/Before_and_After_You_Submit_Your_CASPA_Application/6_Updating_Your_CASPA_Application "Your application status must be Verified before you can update your coursework. There is no timeline for updating your coursework; you can submit multiple updates until the close of the cycle. When you submit an update, you must move the entire term from in-progress to complete." So the answer to your first question is yes as long as all the courses you are taking in a single term are completed at the same time. Once the course(s) are complete you can submit an update and submit applications to other programs. However, you should know that "updated coursework will not be verified. In most cases you will not need to send updated transcripts; however, some programs require updated transcripts. They may ask you to send them to CASPA or directly to the program. Contact your program directly for their requirements." In summary, you can submit your application to programs that allow in-progress coursework and then submit a CASPA update once the coursework is complete. That update will not be verified thus you should contact programs about where to send transcripts. You can then submit applications to programs that do not allow in-progress coursework but contact them to determine if/where you should send transcripts for the recently completed coursework.
  3. Getting quality PCE should be prioritized over getting a LOR from a PA. I did have a LOR from a PA when I applied, however, I worked with that person when I was an ER tech. She and I did not spend a large amount of time together at work, but she was aware of my work ethic and how other staff members felt about me. You do not need to scribe or shadow to meet PAs. Find a position in a field you are passionate about and let that guide you.
  4. If you are looking make good cash with your bachelors (and not progress onto a master's degree) I would work for Epic. Though you may have to travel a lot, the pay is good. That being said, I don't think you should give up on your dream after one try. I don't know how old you are, but putting in the effort to obtain a master's degree in something you love will be worthwhile, both in pay and in attitude towards work. Short term gratification never lasts long.
  5. @youngbreezy sure thing message me a google doc!
  6. I think you could spin this fact into something memorable - "I go to the gym every morning. I firmly believe regular exercise supports healthy habits and I am well versed in exercise physiology. As a PA I hope to incorporate my past HCE and personal experience with motivating myself to exercise daily into my practice." Being memorable does not mean having done the craziest thing! Something simple can be memorable if painted the right way. Interviews in my experience are all about selling yourself as a package. @windmill2019 I would look at your previous application through the eyes of an admissions counselor. What is the story you are telling? Please feel free to message me with your previous essay if you want some ideas!
  7. @JoshMB Please know that unlike MT2PA and EMEDPA I was accepted to PA school this past cycle and am starting my program in June. If your goal is to simply become a PA, then applying and getting accepted to any program will meet that goal. I found while applying that the graduates of different programs had vastly different paths. The majority of graduates of some programs work in the surrounding area while other programs have graduates working across the US. Some programs have a primary care (surgical, rural health care, policy, etc) focus and thus a majority of their graduates end up in that field. Right now it may feel like you would go to any program that accepts you, however, school is only 2-3 years and I would argue a career you enjoy is the goal.
  8. Are the programs that do not require organic chemistry schools you want to attend? How many programs fit that requirement and how many programs are you planning on applying to? Assuming there are enough programs for you to apply to without organic chemistry, I feel you have proven your academic ability in your post-bacc and therefore think you should aim to find higher quality PCE and get a good GRE score.
  9. Would you be enrolled in chemistry before June? You could list the course as in progress (https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Filling_Out_Your_CASPA_Application/2._CASPA_Academic_History/3Transcript_Entry) and then programs would understand that you are actively retaking a course you got a C in. I doubt that a single class will increase your GPA significantly and applying early is very beneficial especially with rolling admissions. Try to calculate how significant the GPA increase would be and weigh how important that GPA boost would be compared to applying earlier in the cycle.
  10. You are allowed a maximum of five LORs... why not use both? https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Filling_Out_Your_CASPA_Application/3._CASPA_Supporting_Information/1_Evaluations_(Letters_of_Reference)
  11. Some supplementals are within CASPA and can be completed right away. Some supplementals are emailed to you later in the summer. I applied to 15 schools in the 2018-2019 cycle and received supplemental essay questions from 9 programs. A few of the remaining 6 programs chose not to send me a supplemental (basically a rejection) and some of them didn't have a supplemental/the supplemental was in the form of basic questions and payment. Hope this gives you a better idea!
  12. You have no obligation to inform a potential employer that you will be leaving for school in January 2020. If your goal is to save money I would apply broadly and try your best to negotiate. I will note that you may be able to find higher pay as a CNA because you have prior experience. A coworker of mine has a side job as a CNA at a nursing home and makes $20/hr. Additionally whatever job you hold will be on your resume when you apply to PA positions after school. Best of luck to you!
  13. Feel free to post or send a draft! I ended with some broad summarizing statements and then a sentence that tied together the overall theme.
  14. I think you should take an extra gap year to offset your lower GPA with more HCE and a high GRE score. It will increase your chances of acceptances and strengthen you application tremendously.
  15. Undergrad Ed School: NESCAC liberal arts college Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.5 Science Undergrad: GPA: 3.3 Age at application time: 26 1st GRE: 320 (160, 160, 5.0) Direct Patient Care: ~2400 hours as an ED tech (level one trauma center) Extracurricular/Research Activities: 2 years of clinical research, publication in a clinical chemistry journal, president of two undergrad clubs, 1.5 years volunteering at an urban health clinic, ~400 hours ER scribe, ~150 hours shadowing MDs and PAs in ICU Schools Applied: Northeastern, Tufts, Cornell, Drexel, PACE, Yale, Rutgers, Arcadia, Bryant, Duke, GW, Hofstra, Rush, Stony Book, Rosalind Franklin Application Submitted Date: 5/13/18 Interview Invites: Tufts, PACE, Arcadia, Bryant, Duke, GW, Rush, Stony Brook, Yale Denied: Rutgers Withdrew Application: Arcadia, Stony Brook Waitlisted: Rush, Bryant Accepted: Pace, Tufts, Yale, Duke, GW Attending: GW Attempt: 1st
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