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  1. panglossian

    Jobs during gap year

    You have no obligation to inform a potential employer that you will be leaving for school in January 2020. If your goal is to save money I would apply broadly and try your best to negotiate. I will note that you may be able to find higher pay as a CNA because you have prior experience. A coworker of mine has a side job as a CNA at a nursing home and makes $20/hr. Additionally whatever job you hold will be on your resume when you apply to PA positions after school. Best of luck to you!
  2. panglossian

    Conclusion for personal statement

    Feel free to post or send a draft! I ended with some broad summarizing statements and then a sentence that tied together the overall theme.
  3. panglossian

    PA School

    I think you should take an extra gap year to offset your lower GPA with more HCE and a high GRE score. It will increase your chances of acceptances and strengthen you application tremendously.
  4. Undergrad Ed School: NESCAC liberal arts college Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.5 Science Undergrad: GPA: 3.3 Age at application time: 26 1st GRE: 320 (160, 160, 5.0) Direct Patient Care: ~2400 hours as an ED tech (level one trauma center) Extracurricular/Research Activities: 2 years of clinical research, publication in a clinical chemistry journal, president of two undergrad clubs, 1.5 years volunteering at an urban health clinic, ~400 hours ER scribe, ~150 hours shadowing MDs and PAs in ICU Schools Applied: Northeastern, Tufts, Cornell, Drexel, PACE, Yale, Rutgers, Arcadia, Bryant, Duke, GW, Hofstra, Rush, Stony Book, Rosalind Franklin Application Submitted Date: 5/13/18 Interview Invites: Tufts, PACE, Arcadia, Bryant, Duke, GW, Rush, Stony Brook, Yale Denied: Rutgers Withdrew Application: Arcadia, Stony Brook Waitlisted: Rush, Bryant Accepted: Pace, Tufts, Yale, Duke, GW Attending: GW Attempt: 1st
  5. panglossian

    Confirming Pre-Reqs with Programs

    Yes, prior to applying I contacted several programs about a math class I had taken to ensure it fulfilled their stats requirement. I attached the course description and syllabus to my email. I would have to read the syllabi of the two genetics courses to understand the difference between them.
  6. panglossian

    Guys I just need a good pep talk

    @Patricia5827 You're doing all the right stuff! Could you quit scribing? You already have three years of experience and it sounds like you need some time for yourself. Also in order to retake two courses and do well, you will need to free up some time. I did not have any straight shadowing hours or an amazing GPA and got five acceptances this cycle. I think you have a great chance of getting in!
  7. Me too ? I cannot believe it either! I interviewed 10/4.
  8. panglossian


    I agree with @paPassion7 . Your GPA is low, GRE is at the cutoff, and PCE is low. Applying now, super late in the cycle, would be a waste of time and money. I doubt you would get an interview. Spend til April gaining more PCE and retaking any science classes you got a C or lower in. I would also consider taking the GRE for a higher score to balance your GPA. I remember feeling like I did not want to take a gap year(s), but they have been some of the best years of my life. Take the time to get high-quality PCE and enjoy life a little before entering school again. If you really want to be a PA at 22, then you will still want to be a PA at 23 or 24.
  9. Accepted 10/19 from the 10/8 interview and declined the offer. Hope more people hear back soon with good news!
  10. I haven't and I cannot stop checking my email haha
  11. For the interview 9/29 it was from 6-8pm the night before
  12. I interviewed 10/2 and was accepted 10/11. Good luck tomorrow! You got this!
  13. panglossian

    Phlebotomy tech or scribe?

    Doing both is a good option. Scribing is not very strong in terms of PCE and phlebotomy is better but not great. If you have some time to build your PCE, then I would suggest working full time as a phlebotomist and then trying to find a position as an ED tech/MA/CNA.
  14. The day includes a program overview, a single 30-minute traditional interview with two admissions committee members, tour of campus, actual class lecture, and writing prompt. During the day while waiting for interviews or eating lunch 1st and 2nd year students are present to talk with you. I would highly recommend attending the event at BAR the night before because I felt it gave me a lot of insight about the program. I have attended 7 interviews and this was by far the best run!
  15. I have been thinking about your question a lot for myself. Fit means a lot to me and I want to attend a place where I feel comfortable and happy. The program's location is also a factor I have been weighing heavily as I want to be close enough to visit my boyfriend occasionally. It seems that ranking does not matter too much in terms of obtaining a job, however, I have found higher ranked programs seem to have graduates practicing all over the country versus in the regional area. I would look at employment statistics from your program to see where and in what fields their graduates are working. Do you see yourself doing what the largest portion of graduates are doing? Feel free to message me with more specifics!

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