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  1. Yes I received an email titled "Update on your Tufts PA Program application"
  2. panglossian

    Updating CASPA help

    Hey! You can add experiences , but you cannot edit/delete submitted experiences. See the CASPA FAQ: https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Submitting_and_Monitoring_Your_CASPA_Application/Before_and_After_You_Submit_Your_CASPA_Application/6_Updating_Your_CASPA_Application Also check out the responses to the same question from 2015. It seems like updating your CASPA app and emailing programs directly is the best method!
  3. panglossian

    Supplemental Application

    The use of a poorly created PDF to submit supplemental responses, the fee requirement to receiving supplemental questions, and a rude email I received from the admissions director has made me question if I even want to apply to this program. I am out $100 so I feel obligated to, but all the negative aspects of their application process makes me super unexcited. I have left their supplemental for last and feel no hurry to finish it. Is anyone else feeling frustrated?
  4. Submitted 5/24, verified the same day, interview invite 6/4 What should we expect at the interview? Is it more traditional or behavioral?
  5. panglossian

    Program Material--Questions

    Same problem. Someone give us a solution!
  6. Late to the party... should I use the term "physician associate" or "physician assistant" in my supplemental essays? The program title is the Yale Physician Associate Program, but the first question uses the term "physician assistant."
  7. panglossian

    Quantitative GRE

    I second using Magoosh! I am obsessed with their study guides. They also have a great blog with links to free resources like Kahn Academy. As for studying for GRE quantitative, I did all the problems in the Manhattan Prep 5lb GRE Practice Book and found it helped me quickly identify the type of problem so I could solve it with ease. As for all multiple choice, try to identify the wrong answers instead of the correct ones. Sometimes the problem does not even need to be mathematically solved! Instead simple logic can be used. Magoosh also has a free flash card app that you can use to practice common seen math knowledge. Keep at it! You have plenty of time to make a break through!
  8. panglossian

    Advice Please!

    @rpat11394 Sure, send it my way!
  9. panglossian

    Anyone interested in swapping PS?

    I'd be happy to look at it
  10. panglossian

    Struggling with personal statement

    I started by answering three questions: 1. Why you want to pursue medicine? 2. What makes you a good candidate? 3. Why you want to be a PA? Then, like hmtpnw, I free wrote about different life events or stories. Using that document I found a good hook for an intro and then a underlying theme for my essay. I incorporated my answers to the above questions and had a solid first draft. Feel free to send me a draft!
  11. panglossian

    Where should I enter internships?

    https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Filling_Out_Your_CASPA_Application/3._CASPA_Supporting_Information/2_Experiences Depends on if it was a paid internship and what you did.
  12. panglossian

    Retaking prerequisites just because they are too old!

    What is stopping you from taking the prerequisites you need to get in? Baylor will reject you if you do not show you have taken/will take these courses. Also the website says no more than 10 years old, not 7 years. If you want to apply to Baylor, then you will need to have A&P and Chem 1 on your CASPA application. You can update your academic information after submitting to another program. Since Baylor does not have rolling admissions, I would apply to your other programs first.
  13. panglossian

    How do I assign A&P for programs?

    @Earlthe Yes, you can submit to individual schools, however, once you submit one application you cannot change a significant portion of the application (PS, experiences, etc). You can edit the program information for a program you have not submitted yet. Under the "Submit Application" tab there is a list of all the programs you have added and a counter for how many are ready for submission. From there you can submit individually.
  14. panglossian

    How do I assign A&P for programs?

    Email the program for an answer. I would personally put A&P I under anatomy and A&P II under physiology, but I think either would be reasonable Yes https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Submitting_and_Monitoring_Your_CASPA_Application/Before_and_After_You_Submit_Your_CASPA_Application/6_Updating_Your_CASPA_Application
  15. panglossian

    Final draft, would like opinions.

    send it my way!

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