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Found 26 results

  1. Hello all! Has anyone taken nutrition online at Doane? I'm exploring my options but leaning more towards Doane University at the moment. ANY type of feedback regarding the course or other schools ya'll may have completed it at would be greatly APPRECIATED! Thank you so much in advance
  2. I have a Bachelors and MPhil in Environmental Sciences. I got married young and have two kids at 27. I am planning to get back to my studies, as both of them are off to school. I want to apply for Physician assistant program, but I would like to know my chances. I have been working as a freelance research assistant for four years. I have worked on medical and scientific papers. I am a good student and have always done well in studies. I am planning to start with Prereqs because even though my degree covers some subjects, I don't want to risk my chances by using an old degree. Also, I am not good at math and have started working on my GRE. The only drawback of my situation is that we only have two universities nearby, offering this program. I know I have very slim chances and have been told repeatedly that I might not get in, but I still want to try. I'll really appreciate your suggestions.
  3. Hello everyone! I recently decided to choose the PA route during the last quarter of my senior year (graduated 2018) and I have been taking a few pre reqs to catch up. As of now, I will technically have my pre reqs done by early June. However I planned to retake Chemistry because I had 2 C’s in the class and I want the schools to see that I can do well in Chemistry. The retake classes wouldn’t finish until mid August (at the latest). My question: Do you guys think it’s better to send in my app early in June, especially since I’m planning to apply for some schools with rolling admissions? Or should I wait until I get my grades back from the retake and send my app by late August? My undergrad GPA right now is around sGPA: 3.25 and cGPA: 3.425 (this is based on my own calculation while following “how to calculate your GPA” on CASPA’s website). This doesn’t include my post bacc work with pre reqs and I’m hoping my GPA will go up too after classes. The schools I'm looking at are mostly in CA (and a few out of state) and are ok with a C for prereqs. And they are ok with having "in-progress" coursework on CASPA. Thank you!
  4. Hello! I am currently having an existential crisis and would be EXTREMELY grateful for any advice I can get as I am currently feeling very lost. I just graduated, May 2018, with my B.S. in psychology from a top 10 public university. I am currently working as a medical research assistant, with the original intent to apply for my PhD in clinical psychology within the next year or two, to become a child/adolescent psychologist. I have recently started thinking about the possibility of becoming a PA though. However, I did not complete the pre-reqs for PA school while in undergrad. My question is, would it be possible to complete these pre-reqs at a community college? This is the only way I could see this career path being possible for me at this point, as I cannot afford to go back to a 4 year university. Do PA schools look down at community college courses? Would I not even be a contender when applying? Thank you so much in advance for the help!
  5. I apologize if this seems like a fairly obvious question, but I just want to double check before I consider pursuing it. I understand that PA schools do not necessarily care if you have a degree in Microbiology or Art Appreciation, as long as you have the academic prerequisites completed in addition to the appropriate GPA (among all the other requirements). My husband and I are moving a lot recently, and I am not able to complete a full science degree (my degree of choice) at a brick and mortar school in a decent amount of time, but I am able to complete a BA online, as well as complete my prereqs at a local community college. My question is: does it matter if my prereqs come from a different school other than where my degree was completed from? Is this going to cause any issues? Thank you, Emily
  6. I'm attending Arizona State University online. I live in Georgia and I'm 24 years old. ASU is a quarter-based system, which means I get college credits on a quarterly basis instead of a semester basis. All PA and AA schools (I'm interested in both) require a certain amount of prerequisite hours, but at ASU, I would be about an hour or two short in a lot of them, like biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, etc. So, me getting a degree in biology from ASU is kind of pointless, because I'd have to take some additional prerequisite classes at my local college anyways. I should also mention I have a job (in aviation) that pays pretty well - about $60,000 a year. I am also in the process of getting my Surgical Technician certifications, but this will take a year or so. With this being said, I have two options: A: Get my Surgical Tech school done and take a really low course load at ASU for Biology to ensure I maintain as close to a 4.0 as possible. Get about 60 of 120 credits from ASU (amount needed to transfer), then transfer to the University of Georgia. Finish my degree in biology, but live off loans. Try to find a part-time CST job while in Athens to keep them as low as possible. Continue with a low class load to keep a good GPA. This way, I'm keeping my grades high, but still getting some crucial clinical experience. Eventually graduate from UGA, a highly respected school in Georgia, with a degree in Biology. Then apply to programs. Most will be far away, so if I get accepted into one of those, I'll also probably have to live off loans for the two years of AA or PA school. Lots of debt, but better undergrad, experience (in life and classwork), and higher caliber school. B: Buy a mobile home for a great price ($13k practically brand new) - a home right next to my parent's. In 3 years, it'll be paid off and cost me half as much as renting. Continue my degree at Arizona State University (online) in something like psychology, since my prerequisites won't count the same anyways. Minor in personal health. Get my Surgical Tech school done and work part-time while attending ASU. Finish my psychology degree, then take the right prerequisites at my local college. Don't live off any student loans until I get accepted into AA or PA school. Option A seems nice. I can go to UGA, graduate with a degree in Biology, have that prestigious college (at least for my state) attached to my degree, finish everything on a physical campus, have easier access to volunteering in research studies at the campus, have 100% of my focus on my school and GPA (this is important as grades don't come naturally to me), and pretty much devote my life to making sure my prerequisites and overall GPA are top notch. The bad - I'd live off loans and accumulate a lot more debt and UGA is harder (could be a good thing for preparation) in their expectations. A lot of good, but the two bad are related to more debt and harder to get a good GPA. Option B seems good too, but not as appealing. I'll undergrad in psychology and minor in personal health (biology/chem/etc not available). Take all the right prerequisites at a local college that should be easier to pass versus UGA's standards. Save money by working as a Surgical Tech and paying $500/mo in a mortgage payment versus $1,000/mo for an apartment. SORRY TO RAMBLE. What's your opinion?
  7. Hello, I am currently a freshmen at a four year university. My university does not offer anatomy and physiology with lab, just anatomy and physiology. I know that most pa schools require A&P with lab. Do you guys have any suggestions? Any help will be very much appreciated!
  8. Hello Everyone! I have a few questions in regards to pre reqs. First, I took Biostatistics at my school and got a B-. I am not too happy with that grade, so I was wondering if I could just take Statistics and see what I get on that instead of retaking Biostats. My question here is if I do, how do I pick the Statistics class to count for my pre req gpa and not my Biostatistics? Some schools say they need Organic Chemistry 2 or Biochemistry, how do I pick the class that I did better in to count for my pre req gpa... Or does Caspa just automatically know to do it? Help :) Thanks!
  9. I was wondering if these courses would be factored into my science gpa or not? Psychopharmacology of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Psychotherapeutic Medications Introduction to Public Health
  10. Hey all, I'm having some trouble deciding between becoming an RN or becoming a PA. I know there are many differences between the two professions, but that only seems to make my decision harder. Recently I just got accepted into my schools nursing program, but I'm not sure if I want to go through with it. For a very long time now I have wanted to be a PA but pretty much ruled it out because I thought the path it took to get there would be too hard. I have never been a straight A student (A's and B's with a rare C), and I know GPA is a heavily weighted factor in even getting considered for a PA program, not to mention the work you have to do if you get accepted! I am a very tenacious person. I know getting to PA school would be a challenge, but with all that considered, PA school is always on my mind. I feel like the only reason I am currently going for nursing is because I'm scared I would not be able to get into PA school (and if I don't then I'm kind of stuck). If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it!
  11. Hello, I am trying to decide which major to choose at the moment for undergrad. I have heard that the science classes for nurses do not count for pa school prereqs because they are different for nursing then other science majors, is this true?
  12. I'm currently considering refocusing my pursuit to become a dentist and transitioning over to pursuing becoming a physician assistant. I do have a couple of questions though. I graduated this past spring with a bachelors in finance, however I've taken all the prerequisites needed for dental school. However, I'm not sure it's in the cards for me anymore. I'm taking a hard look at PA school, however I had some questions that I was hoping some of you may be able to answer. I need a couple of classes before I'm able to apply, and was considering taking them at my local community college so that I can save money and an extremely long commute it'd take to travel to the nearest university. The prerequisites I have remaining are developmental/abnormal psychology, statistics (I have credits for business statistics I & II, not elementary statistics), medical terminology, and microbiology. Would PA schools mind if I take those four courses at my local community college as opposed to a four year university? I've already taken Bio I & II at a community college back in high school for college credit, and while at university I took general chemistry I & II, organic chemistry I & II, anatomy & physiology I & II, calculus, and general psychology. I also took physics I & II over a summer back in 2014 at a local community college. My current overall GPA sits at a 3.43 and my science GPA is a 3.21. My second question is in regards to the direct patient contact experience hours. I was considering becoming certified this summer after completion of those four classes as a EMT. I thought about taking the 10 credits it'd take in order to become certified as an EMT at my local community college, and then work for the following two semesters to build up my hours. I'd then apply that summer for PA school. I have 1,500-2,000 hours of volunteering already (medical mission trip to Honduras, building a library in Ghana, several pre-health honor society and club events). Is this an efficient route at applying to PA school and accruing the direct patient contact hours I'd need in order to apply and be a competitive applicant? I'd be greatly appreciative of any help you all are able to provide me. I'm sure most of you are quite experienced and have far more knowledge about where I probably stand in my current situation, and the best route to take from here. I'm hoping I can get the advice needed in order to become a competitive applicant and possibly gain acceptance into PA school.
  13. I am racking my brain trying to devise a plan to get back to school. It is a weird predicament I am in it seems, but I can't imagine I am the only 40-something person with a Biology degree that wants to go back to school for a medical career. But here is the problem: My degree (BSE in Biology) is 21 years old and therefore I have to retake the prereqs to get into a PA program. For the PA Program at UMKC it's 37 hours of prereqs in which I've had all but 9 hours. UMKC require they be 7 years old or less. I have to be working towards a degree to receive financial aid. Taking prereqs is not working towards a degree. I cannot work towards another Biology degree because to be admitted to do that, the new degree has to have 30 hours of classes I have not already taken. Therefore I am not able to receive financial aid because my BSE in Biology was very thorough. I have gained a lot of experience the last 21 years, but I have not amassed a fortune that could help me pay for school. So the question is, how do people in my situation pay to retake their prereqs for a medical career? The PA programs don't accept my classes because they are too old (I don't blame them, I do need to brush up on my Biology and Chemistry) but I cannot come back to take them because I already have a degree and can't declare a different Biology major because I've had almost all those classes before, therefore I cannot receive financial aid. Also, I have not decided on being a PA on a whim, I first decided in 1995 that I wanted to do it, but life took me on quite the journey to get to this spot. Any ideas? Feel free to forward this to anyone you think could help. Thanks so much! Eric Benjamin feedyourmonkey@gmail.com adventuremonkey.com
  14. Hi everyone!! I was looking for some advice on what I should do before I apply to PA school next year. I am graduating this year with a bachelors in biological sciences and have done the basic prereqs for the schools I plan to apply to. Here is my background: Undergraduate degree: Biological Sciences Science GPA ~ 3.56 Overall GPA ~3.66 GRE ~ I have not taken it yet, but I plan to this summer HCE ~ 300 hours as a hospital volunteer so far The PA schools that I plan to apply to require at least 2 courses in chemistry. Since I was a biology major, I was not required to take many chemistry classes, so I have only taken 2 courses for general chemistry and a course in organic chemistry. I technically meet the requirements, but I am worried that I do not look very competitive. I have taken other medical related courses such as immunology and various neuroscience classes as I specifically want to work in the neurology department. As for HCE, I plan to work as a medical lab technician after I graduate while still volunteering at the hospital. I am also about to shadow a PA and will try to shadow more before next year. Going back to my question, I was originally thinking of taking biochemistry at a community college in the summer after graduating. The issue is that it may not transfer as a biochemistry credit and instead as a biochemistry elective. I could take it at a university, but it will definitely be more expensive and I am not sure that I can afford it right after graduation. Do you think I should take the biochemistry course at a community college or should I just concentrate on my HCE instead? If I take the class, it will delay me from working as a med tech for a couple of months. If I work as a med tech directly after graduating, though, I will likely have 2000+ HCE hours by the time I apply to the schools next year. The schools I was looking at only require 500 hours, so I will be well over that, but do you think having more HCE will cover for not taking other chemistry classes? Thank you in advance!!
  15. I have to take either survey of orgo or orgo 1 and 2 for my major. Would just taking survey of orgo be okay for my PA school app? or should I take orgo 1 and 2?
  16. Hi! Can anyone please recommend an online biochemistry course? I was looking through some but wasn't sure if there were some I should definitely stay away from. Thank you! :)
  17. Hello everyone! I've been having trouble making a decision about when to apply and was hoping some of you can offer some advise. Before I ask my question, here are some of my stats: Bachelor of Science in Biology from Montclair State University cGPA: 3.33 sGPA: 3.17 HCE experience: ~ 1200 hours as a pharmacy technician (I've found only one school that accepts this but it is still a plus I believe) will have about 1500 hours as a CNA if I apply this coming April currently shadowing and volunteering at a local hospital Schools I'm looking into: Arcadia, PCOM, Albany, Le Moyne I have yet to take the GREs. Clearly my gpa is not very strong. I earned C+'s in some of my prereqs (nothing below C+) and I'm thinking whether I should retake some and apply in April 2017. The problem is, it is very expensive to retake courses since I will be paying the graduate student cost of tuition. My plan is to retake psych and gross mammalian anatomy. I know my credentials meet the requirements of some schools in my area. I think my HCE is decent, but not necessarily competitive. So, I'm very torn. I would be investing another year and nearly $5,000 just because I have a few doubts. My other option would be to only retake one course and apply in early May 2016 as soon as it is complete, Would that be worth it? Please help and thank you in advance! Also here are my prereqs. I calculated the GPA from these alone and it's a measly 3.01. BIOL 1 B + BIOL 2 B Chem 1 B + CHEM 2 C + Orgo 1 B Orgo 2 B Gross mammalian anatomy C + Human Physiology A - Psychology C + Statistics B - Microbiology A Medical Terminology A -
  18. Hi, Has anyone gone over which chemistry classes that Foothill college (Los Altos, CA) offers are accepted to fulfill SMU's chem pre-reqs? Or De Anza's offerings? I am currently enrolled in Chem 30A with plans to take 30B and possibly Chem 1A, but am wondering if I should instead look to take the 1 year Gen Chem sequence instead. Thanks for your help!
  19. I am currently a senior in college and will be completing my degree in health sciences in May (2016)... My cumulative GPA is currently a 3.2. One program that I plan to apply to (MCPHS) allows you to apply to the PA program without completing all the prerequisites, as long as they are complete prior to matriculation. I still need three major prerequisites for the school: A&P II, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.... (It is a January start, 24 month program.) I plan on taking A&P II in the spring, and will take Organic Chem/Biochem in the summer of 2016. Applicants are accepted on a rolling admissions basis until the deadline: March 1, 2016. The general admissions advisor of the school told me that it would be "wise to apply for the following year, once prereqs are complete" and that if I were to apply now, I would be "at a high disadvantage" since they are on a rolling admissions basis and the "class fills so quickly".... So.... I would like some advice from anyone who has encountered a similar situation. Part of me is saying to apply anyways, even at a disadvantage (why not give it a shot, right?) The other half is telling me to wait until the following year to apply, since I basically won't stand a chance anyways.. I understand my GPA is on the low side (I only cared about the sport I was playing my first two years and didn't take school seriously until last year)... I will happily take any constructive criticism...and any other advice you are willing to give me in general. Thanks for reading & I look forward to hearing from you, Amanda
  20. Okay I'm having doubts about my competitiveness when trying to apply to PA programs. I don't know if I am over reacting or if I should be seriously worried. I recently graduated from ucla with a degree in history because I enjoyed the subject and took a lot of my prereqs on the side and this is what I have. Chem 14A-C (General) Chem 14B- C+ (General) Chem 14C- B (Organic) Chem 14Bl - B(Lab) Chem 14Cl- A(Lab) Life Science 1- B Life Science 2- B- Life Science 3- C Life Science 23L- A (2 unit lab) Psych 1- C+ (Had 26 units this quarter and my grades suffered) Outside of Undergrad at a local CC Anatomy+lab- A Physiology+lab- A Microbiology+lab- A Sociology- A Biochemistry- B+ As for outside of Academics I have volunteered at underprivileged elementary schools or 3 years teaching fitness and nutrition, one year patient escort at a hospital, one year in a research lab, volunteer for one year at a homeless clinic. For paid HCE hours I have worked for a year as a medical scribe in a family practice office while doing some MA duties such as BP's, EKG's, urine samples, patient histories, and ear and lung exams. For the classes I have gotten C's in should I retake them? And Should I take extra science courses to raise my science gpa and to cover more pre reqs of different schools who require upper division credits for admissions. Thanks!
  21. Hello! So here are my stats so far Year: Junior Major: Allied health Current gpa: 3.4 *last semester I got a 4.0 and my goal is 4.0 for my remaining 3 semesters Science gpa: not sure...but here are my prereq grades- gen chem B-/B (two semester sequence with lab) Enhanced A&P: C+ both semesters organic: A organic lab: A Biology: AP credit In progress: Genetics, A so far next semester will be micro and immuniology Patient care hours: 80 from ER research (working with patients), currently certified as a CNA, I also work as a PCA for a kid on campus during the semester. I will be working as a CNA this summer and until PA school to build hours. Extras: Student research assistant in an ER, premed society, allied health club (debating if I should join the red cross club...will it help?) Concerns!- My anatomy grade is well...bad. Any suggestions? I know I do not want to retake it at my university and I feel it will be my make or break for acceptance...my only excuse is not having the study skills that I have now. I hope that my jump to straight As will show improvement. Any suggestions on how to improve myself to apply? Also I will be taking a year off before applying. Also my dream school right now is quinnipiac, they told my that my A&P grade meets their requirements but isn't competative, I know they value HCE very highly.
  22. Does anyone know if there are drawbacks to applying to a PA program if I still have one prerequisite to complete? All the programs say it is okay to apply with one or two left to finish. For me, I'll either have genetics or organic chemistry left to take after I apply and I’m wondering if that will have a negative impact on my chances for an interview. Of course I would still have enough time to complete the necessary prereqs before each school’s actual deadline.
  23. Hey guys, Did anyone notice that Midwestern's website changed their list of prereqs for those of you who are applying for the 2014-2015 cycle? They now say that "4 credit hours of anatomy will be required for students applying for the 2015 class year" next to their Biology w/lab credit hour requirements. This is a predicament for me- I was a Bio undergrad, have all my prereqs done except Microbiology (taking online now) and Anatomy (it was reserved primarily for Nursing school students at my university). I was planning on taking both micro and anatomy online through BYU as it is more affordable than most online programs, but BYU's anatomy only gives me 3 anatomy credits! Anybody have any suggestions to this, or any additional information about these new requirements? Thanks! Bridget
  24. I have applied, the application was completed in mid July. Anyone else? Has anyone gotten an interview or heard anything yet?
  25. Hi All, I am currently in my second year of optometry school and have been having serious doubts about my choice to become an optometrist for the past year. I have continued with school because I wanted to be sure in my decision to leave before doing so.. I have already made it half way through school and invested a decent amount of money. However I am now POSITIVE the profession is not for me and am considering other options. I love the patient care aspect of optometry, however what I hate is the feeling that I have to SELL products to my patients to make any money in the profession once I am done with school. The more I learn about the profession of optometry, the more I realize it is hard to find rewarding career opportunities within the field unless you want to own your own practice. I don't want to own my own practice, and I don't want to work at Walmart or Lenscrafters or the like for the rest of my life pushing products. I want to work in a clinic or a hospital working directly with patients, not selling products, even if it may mean making less money. I think PA school would be a wonderful option for me, given I already know I like the health care field... just not optometry. I am just curious as to what those who have been through the PA application/matriculation/graduation process think about this switch... do you think it would hurt my chances of being accepted anywhere. My undergrad GPA (cumulative and science) is reasonably competitive I believe (3.5). For those who have just finished school, what are the career opportunities like? Were you able to find a position quickly in an area you wanted to be in? I am obviously going to shadow some PAs, and talk to as many as possible before making the final call to go to PA school because I don't want to make the same mistake I did with optometry, but either way I am not going to finish optometry school because I know it just isn't for me. Any input from those who have been in a similar situation or have any constructive insight would be much appreciated! Thanks for your time!
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