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  1. Hello everyone. I would like to hear your opinions on online lab classes due to the Covid-19 situation right now. So I’m enrolled in general chemistry with an online lab, and I am contemplating on dropping the class because I’m afraid schools won’t accept it. (Also waist of time and money) Thanks for your opinions.
  2. question about chem lab! Hey everyone! I hope you are well well, I had a question about taking chem lecture and chem lab together. I currently haven't been able to get my lecture and lab together and probably won't be able to do the labs until the summer time. I am looking to apply to most of the nyc/northeast programs and wanted to know if its ok to take the labs separate?
  3. Im curious about the difficulty of the course and wether or not the exams/finals are open note/internet. and if so, is it easy to find solutions online to the questions along with good explanations.
  4. Hey guys, I will be applying to PA school this cycle and I was talking to an admissions counselor at the PA school I am interested in going (in my home town) about my academic record/healthcare experience and how I can be a more competitive applicant. In conclusion, she recommended I re-take Gen Chem II cause I got a D the first time I took it. Some background on me is that I have a cGPA of 3.1 and I knew that wasn't competitive enough for PA school and decided to get a Master's in Science which I got a cGPA of 3.5 with a sGPA of 3.6. I figured that since I took a lot of upper level chem
  5. I'm thinking of finishing my BS as a chemistry major. Is there any benefit for this as a Dermatologist PA? Any info is helpful, thank you!
  6. Hello, I've been searching for awhile. I tried to apply to a course that was offered at a community college, but my home school took too long processing the paperwork they needed, so my plans fell through. My request is a bit specific. I need an 8 weeks course (or at least one I can complete before May) that is Organic Chemistry II but with no lab portion, as I have already completed that part of the course. The closest I've come is Doane but their course only seems to have the lab portion attached. Please and thank you! EDIT: Needed to fulfill Bachelor's Degree before going fu
  7. Hello everyone! I recently decided to choose the PA route during the last quarter of my senior year (graduated 2018) and I have been taking a few pre reqs to catch up. As of now, I will technically have my pre reqs done by early June. However I planned to retake Chemistry because I had 2 C’s in the class and I want the schools to see that I can do well in Chemistry. The retake classes wouldn’t finish until mid August (at the latest). My question: Do you guys think it’s better to send in my app early in June, especially since I’m planning to apply for some schools with rolling
  8. So I just finished my second semester of my second year and it has been the hardest thing I have ever had to face. All throughout highschool and my first two years I have always gotten A's and B's in all my classes. However this semester, I got an F in BIO 100(which at my school is a course equivalent to a 300 level class at other schools so it was hard on its own) and a NC in chem(I'm retaking it this summer because my professor offered it to me and I know for a fact I can get an A in that class) and a C in calculus. Let's just say that this semester, life decided to bury me with everything t
  9. I'm attending Arizona State University online. I live in Georgia and I'm 24 years old. ASU is a quarter-based system, which means I get college credits on a quarterly basis instead of a semester basis. All PA and AA schools (I'm interested in both) require a certain amount of prerequisite hours, but at ASU, I would be about an hour or two short in a lot of them, like biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, etc. So, me getting a degree in biology from ASU is kind of pointless, because I'd have to take some additional prerequisite classes at my local college anyways. I should also mention I have
  10. Is a degree in a natural science like chemistry or biology more beneficial than a degree in something like psychology? Does one prepare you more for PA school than another? I was going to go to college for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Personal Health. Obviously, my end goal is to become a PA. I’m currently in the process of becoming a surgical technician, and would like to be a surgical PA. When I look at actual PA programs curriculum (at least near me), they don’t seem to be heavily science-based in terms of like Organic Chemistry, Biology, etc other than the
  11. Hello! I was wondering what chemistry grades people have received and whether they were able to get into PA school with them. I have currently an A in gen chem 1, a B- in genchem 2 and orgo 1, and a B in orgo 2. Should I retake any classes? Or will I be able to get into a PA school with these grades? (Just a note my overall science gpa is 3.5). Sorry for the annoying question, but any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you! -Maylily7
  12. Hello all! I am about to begin my last semester of my undergrad and can't decide whether or not I should take organic chemistry II. I will be completing my BS in biomedical science this spring. I have a 303 GRE which I plan to retake for a higher score. I have a 3.53 overall GPA, a 3.43 science, and a 3.71+ prerequisite GPA (better when general biology, general chemistry, and/or elective upper division courses are included). I have 900 health care hours as a CNA (over 1500 by next cycle) and 40 hours of shadowing experience. I also work with disabled students part time and have a medical
  13. Hey all, I'm having some trouble deciding between becoming an RN or becoming a PA. I know there are many differences between the two professions, but that only seems to make my decision harder. Recently I just got accepted into my schools nursing program, but I'm not sure if I want to go through with it. For a very long time now I have wanted to be a PA but pretty much ruled it out because I thought the path it took to get there would be too hard. I have never been a straight A student (A's and B's with a rare C), and I know GPA is a heavily weighted factor in even getting considered for
  14. Sooooo I took Gen Chem I and II, plus both labs (8 credits worth) at a local community college. When entering them into CASPA, do the A's add into my Science GPA? Or is it a separate category? It'd be reallyyyy nice to have 8 more A's to boost my sciences. THANKS FOR ANY HELP <3 and yes, I will check with CASPA to be sure :)
  15. Hello! I am new to the forum. I have a question has anyone taken any of their prerequisites at UNE online? I need Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, Biochem, and Genetics. I am hoping to attend Wingate at Hendersonville in North Carolina. :-) I am excited to be apart of this group as I start my journey. I am an older student and would appreciate any advice. Thank you all!!
  16. About 2 months away from finishing my undergraduate degree last December, I kind of switched directions from thinking I wanted to do medical research, to now pursuing a career as a PA. Because of my late decision though, I'm a little behind on the prerequisites and I'm concerned about my chances of getting into a program. I double majored in Biology and Chemistry with an overall GPA of 3.61 and a science GPA of 3.51. During one of my summers off school I worked as a phlebotomist (about 500 hours), so I figured that I could just continue phlebotomy as my HCE and make sure I get at least 2000 ho
  17. Hi, I may be short in my chem requirements to apply this year so I'm looking into taking ISP courses in LA. They are 4 week courses that meet only on Sat/Sun for 8-10 hrs a day. I'd be able to complete Gen Chem 1 and 2 in 2 months. I've checked and Samuel Merritt accepts them and I'm pretty sure UC Davis does, as well. However, they're pretty pricey ($2000 each) and I imagine they are really challenging. Has anyone here taken these courses via ISP and if so, how were they? Would you recommend them to another student? I'm also quite worried about my GPA so I'd only want to take it if I
  18. Hey everyone, I'm currently preparing for the upcoming application cycle, and have been anxious about my chances due to a couple of lower grades on my transcript. While I have all As in my biology courses, I got a C and C- in Organic Chem 1 and 2 respectively. I didn't retake them because I got an A in Biochem, and I know many programs will take Biochem OR Orgo. But now I'm starting to worry that these grades will stand out and that I may be "weeded out" of the application pool. I plan on applying broadly, but would like any input anyone may have. Thanks in advance!
  19. I have a B.S. in science but never took my Chemistry classes so am at my local community college finishing those. My local college offers an organic chemistry course without a lab *specifically* tailored towards pre-pa for MUSC. I plan on applying to most of my schools out of state along with MUSC. My question is, would most programs take organic chemistry without a lab as the orgo pre-req? Thanks!
  20. Hi, Has anyone gone over which chemistry classes that Foothill college (Los Altos, CA) offers are accepted to fulfill SMU's chem pre-reqs? Or De Anza's offerings? I am currently enrolled in Chem 30A with plans to take 30B and possibly Chem 1A, but am wondering if I should instead look to take the 1 year Gen Chem sequence instead. Thanks for your help!
  21. Hi everyone! I am currently taking some biology and chemistry classes right now at a college and planning to take organic chem over the summer. I am doing great in chemistry class, like A+, however in biology classes, I'm more of a B- or C student. I'm just worried that since my biology grade isn't so well, would that affect me getting into PA school. I heard it is very competitive and everyone getting in has like a 4.0 gpa!! I am also planning to volunteer over the summer at a local hospital so that I can fulfill some HCE hours. What's a good way to keep track of Hours? Plus,
  22. I've been wait listed at the school that I would absolutely love to go to. Has anyone had any experiences with letters of intent. I tried calling the program and asking about how the committee felt about LOIs and they said they don't really have much of an opinion on them as they don't see too many. Any thoughts?
  23. Hey guys, I have a question for any current or former PA students. The program that I got accepted to does not require me to take any additional classes, but I would like to spend some of my time waiting taking one class that would benefit or help me the most. My options are a generals biology course (ironic because I have already taken biology 2 and microbiology as well as ap1 and 2) intro to organic and biochemistry (I have taken basic and general chem as well as an applied chem which touched on organic) human heredity and development (a genetic scours online) any advice
  24. Alright I am curious and want to know if anyone on here have gotten into any physician assistant program with a C in general chemistry. I made a C+ in my general chemistry I and a C in gen chem II. My gpa is at a 3.3-3.4 right now and I am not sure if I should take the time to retake it again. Any thought, comments, suggestions will be helpful. I have an B in anatomy, A in physiology, and I cam currently planning on taking Bio 1, 2, and O.chem.
  25. I am currently pursuing a degree in chemistry as an undergrad, and I was wondering what the difference was between biochemistry and biological chemistry. Also, which course do you guys think would prepare you more for PA school?
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