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  1. Obviously this is just my opinion, but I definitely think people hype up the difficulty of PA school and make you feel like it's nearly impossible, so I'll give you my take. In undergrad I STRUGGLED. I was never the best student, and I always did average on any exam I took. I was terrified to start PA school because of how difficult everyone said it was. Before starting, I thought that no matter how much I studied I would never be able to keep up. I'm now in my second semester of PA school, and honestly, I'm enjoying it much much more than any period of my undergrad career (strictly academic wise lol). For the first time in my life I have a 4.0 GPA. I applied to PA school with a 3.3 GPA. You're no longer taking any bullshit gen ed classes that you don't care about, and everything you learn is very relevant to your future career. Let me clarify, you NEED to study A LOT. But I went into school expecting that. So my point is that if you are good at time management and understand that studying is now your full time job, it's COMPLETELY doable. I'm in class from roughly 8-4pm everyday, and I study till around 10 pm every night. (as well as during breaks throughout the day). On weekends I study an average of 7-10 hours a day. It sounds like a lot, but that is what I was expecting, so it doesn't bother me. I still have time to get drinks with my friends, go to dinner, take nights off, go to the movies, travel on the weekends, spend time with family, etc. The biggest misconception (in my opinion) is that none of that is possible no matter how much you study (not true). I still agree with the above comments. PA school isn't easy, but more so in the sense that you're learning so much info at once. And you NEED to be committed to life-long learning and a lot of self learning as well. There's no hand holding. And I will agree that absolutely one of the most difficult things to deal with is other students....you'll understand once you're in PA school.... Just find your group and stick with them. Focus on yourselves and your academics and stay out of the drama. Don't be scared about that work that goes into PA school! If you are committed to it, you can do it, period. If you slack off, make excuses, nap more than you study, and expect your hand to be held, then you'll be in trouble. It's all about your mindset.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/864830207244872/
  3. This is my second time applying, one interview with a rejection last cycle. This cycle I had two interviews and was wait listed at both schools. I was on the wait list for almost three months before getting a call from one of the schools saying I was accepted!! Stay positive!!! When I got my wait list notifications this cycle I was devastated thinking it was basically a drawn out rejection. I started looking into other careers in the healthcare field and forming my 'plan B' when I got the call. Everything happens for a reason
  4. Congrats on the acceptance, I was pulled off the waitlist today! Do you happen to know if there is a Facebook group set up for accepted students?
  5. I got accepted off the wait list this afternoon! I was at the first interview session in July! I'm so excited and looking forward to meeting everyone, feel free to reach out if we're going to be classmates!
  6. I would let CMU know as soon as she receives an acceptance from one of the other schools (if she receives an acceptance). It's never really 'too late' to let a school know you're not coming, you can back out any time before the program starts. But to be courteous toward the program and other students on the wait list, it's best to let them know immediately after getting that other acceptance.
  7. Everything is rolled over to next years app except LOR's, transcripts, selected schools, and GRE scores. I should clarify transcripts: the classes and grades that you manually entered will roll over into next year, but you will need to re-request that transcripts from every school you attended be sent to CASPA next cycle
  8. If you're really concerned about it, just pay the deposit and wait out the other school until you get an answer. $1000 (or whatever it may be) sounds like a lot of money, but PA school and this process is expensive, so honestly $1000 isn't much in the grand scheme of things. You'll likely be paying nearly $100,000 + for school/living expenses, etc
  9. I know it's overwhelming to think about having to review every school, but that's literally what you need to do. Before I applied, I reviewed EVERY single PA school in the country to figure out which ones I qualify for, which ones I don't, and then continued to narrow those lists down by determining which ones I felt like I had the best chance at/area I'd like to live, etc. If you're not applying until next cycle you have plenty of time to review a couple schools every day in order to get through the list. Trust me, it'll be worth it. And that way you also won't second guess your decisions when you actually apply. Good luck!
  10. My application was verified and under review at Rush on 6/14, and I still hadn't heard anything back from them regarding the status of my application. I email them earlier today to see if I could get an update, and they responded and said " Upon checking your application, we sent a status update email in June but it looks like there was a problem with the delivery. " They resent me the email that was originally sent in June and I am on the interview wait list! If you haven't heard back from them yet, maybe consider emailing about an update!
  11. My application was submitted on June 17 and I still haven't heard anything I emailed the school asking for a status update a little over two weeks ago and still haven't heard back. Is anyone else in the same boat? I know it's still better than a rejection, but the silence is also torture. I feel like my application is lost or forgotten about
  12. In case anyone is curious, I emailed the program and they do not release what number you are on the wait list
  13. Just received an email stating I've been put on the waitlist
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