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  1. paPassion7

    South College 2018-2019 Cycle

    Which location did you apply to? On CASPA, all locations are listed separately. i.e. South College-Knoxville, South College-Nashville (developing program), South College-Atlanta. There are different supplemental applications for each location, so just make sure you filled out the correct one. If you applied to all three, you need to fill out all three supp aps
  2. I just got an email inviting me to fill out the supplemental application! Submitted my app on June 5th and was CASPA verified on June 8th!
  3. paPassion7

    University of Nevada Reno 2018-2019

    The questions are very short. If I remember correctly, you can only write 2-3 lines.
  4. paPassion7

    CASPA for next cycle

    Official transcripts sent from schools, letters of recommendation, and the schools you selected to apply too will not carry over into the next cycle.
  5. paPassion7


    Yes, I submitted before taking the GRE. You can submit beforehand they just won't review your application until they receive the scores.
  6. paPassion7

    University of Nevada Reno 2018-2019

    My guess would be that if you have lower than a B- for any of the prereqs you will automatically be filtered out. If you really want to apply I would contact the school and ask how that works, because it may be a waste of money to apply if the computer filters you out before anyone has a chance to view your application.
  7. paPassion7

    EMT classes count toward gpa?

    I took mine at a community college and asked if we would get letter grades before the class started. They told me I would, and the grades were posted on my transcript. But yes, if I were you I would call and ask if they gave letter grades for the EMT class, and if so how you can find them.
  8. paPassion7

    EMT classes count toward gpa?

    I received 8.5 science credits for my EMT class, and they count toward my cGPA and sGPA in CASPA. It's program dependent though, so you should check with the program you took the class with. Most EMT classes do not give letter grades, I got lucky.
  9. Can I ask when you got your interview invite? Congrats!
  10. paPassion7

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    How many words were everyone's supplemental application essays? I know the limit is 500 words, but would it be frowned upon if most of mine were 200-300 words? I don't want to add in 'fluff' just to get closer to the word count, but I'm also not sure if it looks bad to have them be shorter. Thanks!
  11. paPassion7

    Does a B student have a chance?

    Thank you both so much for the encouragement. @Ket131, I noticed you attend Augsburg, which is one of the schools I'm applying to. Would you mind if I PM'd you some questions? If not, no worries!
  12. paPassion7

    Does a B student have a chance?

    Thank you both for your input. I applied very broadly to 'realistic' schools. I currently have 3500 PCE hours, but during this next year I will be working full time to gain more PCE and shadowing hours, my main concern is just that I cannot retake classes. I understand that it is likely I will need to reapply, so I'm hoping more hours/experience can be enough for next cycle if need be.
  13. paPassion7

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Received my rejection via mail on July 6th. Good luck to those interviewing and those still waiting!
  14. Hi everyone! So I just received my first rejection, and I'm not gunna lie, it stung more than I thought it would. I'm starting to worry about my chances overall. I have a 3.3 cgpa/3.19 sgpa, which I know is low, but I feel like the rest of my application is strong overall. I know there have been students who have been accepted with gpa's lower than this, but it seems like those students have retaken almost all their classes and gotten A's to make up for past bad grades. In my case, I've never gotten a grade below (1) C+, I just have a lower gpa because of my freshman/sophomore year I got mostly all B's/B-'s (this is due to extreme family health circumstances which is explained in my app). My question is-unless I retake classes and get all A's, will I have a chance? At this point nearly all of my application consists of B's. At this point in my life I cannot afford to take more classes. I'm not using that as an excuse, that's just my reality right now. Any advice/encouragement would be greatly appreciated!! I should mention that I do have an upward trend with my last 4 semesters being >3.5 gpa. A's in physics 1 and 2, A's in 8 credits of EMT-B classes, A in anatomy, B in Physiology, A in another upper level science. Gen chem 1&2 are B-/C+ and Bio 1&2 are B/B-, these are my four biggest worries right now...
  15. Hi everyone! I'm applying this cycle, and I'm originally from Iowa. After doing some research on OHSU, I noticed that they really tend to prefer Oregon residents. Can anyone shed a little light on how my chances would be as an out of state resident/how many out of state residents they actually accept? My step-brother lived in Portland for some time, so I mentioned that in my application. Otherwise, I really don't have any ties to the state. My stats are pretty average so I was just curious to see if they only accept out of state applicants who have outstanding stats. Thanks!!

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