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  1. Hi everyone! So far I have sent four requests for letters of recommendation (two physicians, the dean of my college, and my supervisor from the past four years). All of them have submitted the letters already except for my supervisor. I spoke with her and sent the request nearly a month ago, and the 'deadline' I set is tomorrow. She has been very busy and overwhelmed at work lately, so I hate to pester her about it, but I'm worried that if she doesn't submit by tomorrow that request will be deleted. Is that the case? I'm a second time applicant and she wrote me a letter last year. I don't know how to go about saying something to her, especially since I know how hard her days have been at work. Any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks!
  2. I wouldn't split it up and just record it as PCE. Adcoms understand the role and job responsibilities of a CNA, so they know that charting, making beds, cleaning, etc is also part of the job.
  3. I definitely would not feel confident submitting a personal statement that is that short. Have you had people review it for you? Personally, it was very difficult for me to keep mine under 5000 because there so much I wanted to explain. Although I haven't actually read yours, I would guess that it probably does not allow the admissions committees to get to know you very well. 5000 characters is only about a page and a half, I don't think you should be worried about talking their ear off, they want to get to know you. If you're interested in having someone edit it, I would recommend @hmtpnw
  4. I would retake the GRE until you get a combined score that's 300 or greater. Do you have a competitive science GPA? This question really just depends on your stats, goals, personal statement, etc. and how those align with the each school(s) missions and accepted students stats. Most people typically apply to 8-12 schools.
  5. Personally, I would not include those under membership. I would add them under the experience section. From what I've read and been told, professional memberships include having an AAPA membership or your state PA organization membership. Or if you belong to any large societies like the American Society of Microbiology. What you have listed above would not be considered 'professional' by CASPAs definition. I was also a sorority member and was in an honors society and I added both of them to my experience section!
  6. CASPA arranges it in chronological order from most recent experience to oldest experience. I should clarify, it arranges it by start date, so even if you are still currently doing something, if you started it years ago it will be lower on the list. Shadowing and leadership experience would be considered volunteer if you didn't get paid or receive academic credit, which I'm assuming you didn't.
  7. Is there a reason the class needs to be from a GA school? I took genetics completely online through Doane (Nebraska) earlier this semester and I loved it. Very manageable working full time, and I felt like I learned a lot. FWIW I'm from Iowa, so I have no connection to Nebraska, Doane was just highly recommended on this site when I was looking for an online genetics class.
  8. FYI-many of the schools I researched will not count experience required for a degree as PCE. This is school dependent though, so I would research the ones you're interested in.
  9. I agree with the above comment. You also should not expect to get in your first cycle applying. Although many people do, there are many people who apply two/three cycles before being accepted. From what I've read and heard from many others on this site, it's much better to go into an application cycle expecting to have to reapply. By constantly continuing to improve your application, you're showing a commitment to advancing your knowledge in healthcare. Whether that be EMT, CNA, MA, etc, these will all benefit your future as a PA student and future practicing PA. If you work as a waitress (or something non patient care related) after applying, you're risking not having any improvements to add to your application if you did have to reapply. Good luck!
  10. @Goldielocks Sure, not a problem! I get done the first week of March.
  11. I'm taking it right now. I've only gotten through week 2, but so far I love it. Professor has been great and the assignments every week are set up the same so you know exactly what to expect/when things are due. I also don't think it has been overly demanding. I spend about two hours a day during the week working on it, and about 5 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday. It's set up in a way where you actually learn the information instead of just memorizing facts in order to regurgitate them on the test. I would recommend.
  12. If you apply before getting your other grades back, the schools will not recalculate your GPA when you send in those transcripts. So basically if you apply early the above stats you posted will be what you're working with this cycle. If these other classes will help increase your GPA, I would consider waiting. Once you submit there's no turning back.
  13. I started as a clinical research intern my freshman year of college and recently graduated this past May, and the University I work for hired me on full time as a clinical research assistant. I applied this past cycle and nearly every school I looked into accepted those hours as PCE. As someone mentioned above, it does depend on what the job title entails. But most clinical researchers work directly with patients. And like you, I am doing this as a back-up in the event that PA school doesn't work out for me. It's nice to have something to fall back on that is a realistic, life long career if need be.
  14. Is there a reason you're waiting until August to submit your applications? If you have everything completed by May I would send in applications ASAP. You can start filling out your CASPA application now and then 'transfer' that information over to next cycles application once CASPA opens in April. The only thing you can't transfer is grades, transcripts, and references. Submitting in August is considered fairly late. Not impossible obviously, but late, especially if you're applying to rolling admission schools.
  15. I received an email on 10/31 stating that my application was being processed and awaiting admission committee review. I have no heard anything since. Has anyone else been waiting this long?
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