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  1. In case anyone is curious, I emailed the program and they do not release what number you are on the wait list
  2. Just received an email stating I've been put on the waitlist
  3. If you receive interviews in the future, you will likely be asked about these grades. If you say that it was because you had a bad professor, or even hint at it, that will almost certainly lead to a bad interview outcome.
  4. I don't really know what the difference is between basic organic chem or organic chem 1. All in all this is a pretty difficult question for someone else to answer. However, the grades for repeated classes are averaged in CASPA, not replaced, so taking organic chem 1 three times (with one F and one D already) will likely not average out to a decent grade, even if you aced it a third time. For future reference, I would recommend owning up to the poor grades and having some accountability rather than putting the blame on the professor. If you took the above approach in an interview it would be a kiss of death. I doubt everyone that takes that class is failing miserably, so i would do some soul searching and try to find the real reason these classes aren't leading to a passing grade. Good luck!
  5. Anyone else feel like not hearing back by now is probably a bad sign..... ?
  6. I would definitely try reaching out again! I submitted my CASPA application to them this morning and already received my supplemental application.
  7. @rfo1234I've read on some GRE-requiring schools websites that they 'prefer' applicants enter in their scores unofficially, I'm not exactly sure why. I don't think you technically have to enter your unofficial scores. I made that same mistake last year! This year I entered my unofficial scores but that was because I retook it and did better. I don't think it's really going to hinder your chances much, so I wouldn't stress about it!
  8. If you entered in your unofficial scores then all programs you applied to will see that. The only schools that will see your official scores are the ones you designated through ets.
  9. I really appreciate your input!! In my last interview I approached this question by explaining an event that happened in my life that really shaped me into the person I am today. Getting rejections just makes me second guess everything I say, especially when you can’t get any feedback. That’s why I’m just not sure if that was the proper approach to take Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I know that this has been asked many times on this forum, so I’m sorry if I’m being redundant. I’ve looked at all of the previous posts but there’s so many conflicting opinions and I’m honestly so confused and feeling so defeated. I’ve been using mock interview prep sites but they are mostly tailored to job interviews. They suggest to answer that question by describing your most recent jobs, a couple major projects/successes you’ve had recently, and why you’re looking to switch jobs (get into school for us applicants). However, I’m not sure if that’s the correct advice to take when interviewing with schools. Some people recommend to talk about other unrelated medical things that help you stand out. I’ve had a couple interviews with no success and I’ve never felt so low. I have another coming up, but the thought of having to interview again makes me feel sick to my stomach because I have NO idea what interviewers are looking for, no idea what I’m doing wrong, and only find conflicting answers online. I always feel like the interviews go very well. I’ve tried taking the “just be yourself” approach and felt very comfortable at interviews, only to be rejected. I’m sorry for rambling, I just feel so lost. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. @mg392132 Did you 'reply' to the interview invite email with your intention to attend, or did you send a separate email to the email address they provided? I just noticed they are two different email accounts and am wondering if I should just reply to the interview invite email. Thank you!!
  12. Just through my online searching haha I've been wanting to go somewhere west though! I didn't see the invite until this morning so I responded earlier today. I still haven't heard back from them though. The only reason it makes me nervous is because they said something about the interview being on a 'first come first serve basis' in the email. Has anyone who got an invite been told the interview was full by the time you responded? I booked my flight already and only have 24 hours to cancel, so I will probably call tonight if I don't hear back from them.
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