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  1. I would let CMU know as soon as she receives an acceptance from one of the other schools (if she receives an acceptance). It's never really 'too late' to let a school know you're not coming, you can back out any time before the program starts. But to be courteous toward the program and other students on the wait list, it's best to let them know immediately after getting that other acceptance.
  2. Everything is rolled over to next years app except LOR's, transcripts, selected schools, and GRE scores. I should clarify transcripts: the classes and grades that you manually entered will roll over into next year, but you will need to re-request that transcripts from every school you attended be sent to CASPA next cycle
  3. If you're really concerned about it, just pay the deposit and wait out the other school until you get an answer. $1000 (or whatever it may be) sounds like a lot of money, but PA school and this process is expensive, so honestly $1000 isn't much in the grand scheme of things. You'll likely be paying nearly $100,000 + for school/living expenses, etc
  4. I know it's overwhelming to think about having to review every school, but that's literally what you need to do. Before I applied, I reviewed EVERY single PA school in the country to figure out which ones I qualify for, which ones I don't, and then continued to narrow those lists down by determining which ones I felt like I had the best chance at/area I'd like to live, etc. If you're not applying until next cycle you have plenty of time to review a couple schools every day in order to get through the list. Trust me, it'll be worth it. And that way you also won't second guess your decisions when you actually apply. Good luck!
  5. My application was verified and under review at Rush on 6/14, and I still hadn't heard anything back from them regarding the status of my application. I email them earlier today to see if I could get an update, and they responded and said " Upon checking your application, we sent a status update email in June but it looks like there was a problem with the delivery. " They resent me the email that was originally sent in June and I am on the interview wait list! If you haven't heard back from them yet, maybe consider emailing about an update!
  6. My application was submitted on June 17 and I still haven't heard anything I emailed the school asking for a status update a little over two weeks ago and still haven't heard back. Is anyone else in the same boat? I know it's still better than a rejection, but the silence is also torture. I feel like my application is lost or forgotten about
  7. Has anyone from the August 10th interview been accepted?
  8. In case anyone is curious, I emailed the program and they do not release what number you are on the wait list
  9. I was also waitlisted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just received an email stating I've been put on the waitlist
  11. If you receive interviews in the future, you will likely be asked about these grades. If you say that it was because you had a bad professor, or even hint at it, that will almost certainly lead to a bad interview outcome.
  12. I don't really know what the difference is between basic organic chem or organic chem 1. All in all this is a pretty difficult question for someone else to answer. However, the grades for repeated classes are averaged in CASPA, not replaced, so taking organic chem 1 three times (with one F and one D already) will likely not average out to a decent grade, even if you aced it a third time. For future reference, I would recommend owning up to the poor grades and having some accountability rather than putting the blame on the professor. If you took the above approach in an interview it would be a kiss of death. I doubt everyone that takes that class is failing miserably, so i would do some soul searching and try to find the real reason these classes aren't leading to a passing grade. Good luck!
  13. Anyone else feel like not hearing back by now is probably a bad sign..... ?
  14. I would definitely try reaching out again! I submitted my CASPA application to them this morning and already received my supplemental application.
  15. @rfo1234I've read on some GRE-requiring schools websites that they 'prefer' applicants enter in their scores unofficially, I'm not exactly sure why. I don't think you technically have to enter your unofficial scores. I made that same mistake last year! This year I entered my unofficial scores but that was because I retook it and did better. I don't think it's really going to hinder your chances much, so I wouldn't stress about it!
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