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  1. Had my 2nd dose on 1/5 around noon...felt fine until I woke up at 0700 for work the next day. Felt like I was hit by a train; fatigue, body aches, muscle aches, and struggled with staying focus. Thank god I was in UC and not the ER because I wouldn't have been able to keep up. No fever though. No Tylenol or ibuprofen...just vodka. Felt 100% better the next day...that was rough to say the least but covid vax symptoms > actual covid lol. 10/10 would do it again.
  2. With that highly educated background, PCE, and the fact you're a veteran, your chance of getting into MEDEX or ANY PA school at this point yields a very high percentage. Apply early. Like the first day CASPA opens. Good luck
  3. I know there is a pandemic going on and bills and school loans need to be paid but as a medical provider who is possibly 100K+ in debt, do not work for $40/hr. I make more than that as a RN. Don't even entertain them by countering that offer. UCs make BANK on APPs, there is a reason they are seeking an APP and not a physician.
  4. I definitely agree with @MediMike regarding not choosing one over the other based on one aspect of your application. It's quite normal to take multiple cycles to get into PA school due to it's competitiveness. Continue earning PCE and really research both before jumping ship. That said, I can relate to your uneasiness because I too went from pre-pa to RN lol...and I jumped ship within the same cycle of not getting into PA school.
  5. Get an MA job. Phlebotomy is usually within their scope of practice. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  6. 1000 hours is usually 6 months full time. Some schools require less PCE while other require more.
  7. Most if not all programs require BIO I and BIO II. Some also require all pre-requisites to be a B or better so a B- would not meet those requirements. Check each and every school you plan on applying to.
  8. haha! Don't give them any ideas lol
  9. Uhm, why tho? lmao! It'll be the best sleep they ever get.
  10. Yikes. Whose responsibility is it when a rapid response is called? They could've just RRT that patient and get them off the floor to the ER for workup. You did the right thing by not going to the floor to evaluate a patient that is under the care of a Hospitalist. Malpractice would definitely not cover you because that is NOT YOUR PATIENT to treat. Sounds like patient abandonment on the Attending Physician's part.
  11. Pulmonary/Respiratory! I enjoyed learning ABGs in nursing school. Love assisting with intubations, love seeing that respiratory distress patient come in clinging to life and watching how a lil bipap, solumedrol and magnesium drip fixes them... and when the ABG comes back showing no improvement.... I love keeping them sedated with a RASS of -5 lol.
  12. Holy h*ll...they sound money hungry AF. They're pretty much robbing every student the privilege of obtaining their white coats before clinical/graduation ceremony. I have nothing to offer but sympathy.
  13. I had a one sentence objective when I was looking for PCE positions and also one for PA school application...got rid of it as a RN though. I would say take it out only because the objective IS to get into PA school so it would be redundant tbh. Replace the objective line for "qualifications" and list both hard and soft skills.
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