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  1. This is largely state and facility-based. PAs' training and education includes how to safely deliver babies but it is up to whether or not the facility allows PAs to be the sole provider during vaginal births.
  2. RN, RT, MLS (medical laboratory scientist) are all positions you can pursue right after graduation and serves as a great stepping stone for graduate professional careers. I have a previous BS in Health Science just sitting and collecting dust ( and interest). But don't let fear consume you. You will inevitable fail if that is all you are concentrating on.
  3. Hey hey, I don't want to discourage you but having a 3.0 meets the absolute minimum for 90% of PA programs while the average matriculated student has a 3.5+ (and that # has been increasing every year). I had no luck getting in with a 3.54 cGPA and even though that's a sample size of n=1, there are plenty of individuals who have gotten in with <3.0. Your application just have to exceed elsewhere.
  4. What is it titled on your transcript? HS/MKT/HSA? I'd follow whatever the transcript titles it.
  5. The breadth and knowledge PA-S undergo would be extremely hard to self-study. The reason I say this is because most material in professional programs need to be taught by experienced individuals so it's digestible for those learning. PMHNP curriculum is so focused that you should be fine as an entry level clinician. I too wish NPs did get somewhat a similar education PAs receive but I've come to terms that I have to do a residency post-NP school.
  6. Can I participate? If yes, I would only work 1-2 shifts a month for the mental stimulation and pursue other avenues as a distraction; flying planes as a hobby, traveling/spending 2-6 months in a new country, learning a trade for fun, real estate. Mind you, I've only been in a professional career for less than 3 years and I'm absolutely over the bureaucracy. But alas, it's the only thing I've tailored my resume to do and it's the only way (for now) for me to dig my self out of low-income and into middle/higher income.
  7. It's better to directly email the programs you are interested in. Include the course syllabus as well. However, both nursing and biology majors take the same A&P series (well at my alma mater they did). The only course that was different between nursing students and bio majors at the entry/introductory level was Chemistry. But yeah, email the program.
  8. That's tough but you did excellent treating the patient as they presented and fulfill their desire to be full-code even though futile honestly. As the ER Provider, the goal is to stabilize whatever that comes in and you did just that. Now let inpatient services deal with the rest regarding the ethical portion of it. I personally wouldn't feel okay working with a provider who refuses to initiate life saving treatment because of a patient's prognosis and acting against the patient's behalf (paternalistic approach). I would feel totally okay with a provider who initiates life saving treatment and
  9. Nope, you will be fine. I interviewed with two programs and two Ws on my transcript. Never did they ask me about it. With a GPA like that you should have no issues.
  10. Had my 2nd dose on 1/5 around noon...felt fine until I woke up at 0700 for work the next day. Felt like I was hit by a train; fatigue, body aches, muscle aches, and struggled with staying focus. Thank god I was in UC and not the ER because I wouldn't have been able to keep up. No fever though. No Tylenol or ibuprofen...just vodka. Felt 100% better the next day...that was rough to say the least but covid vax symptoms > actual covid lol. 10/10 would do it again.
  11. With that highly educated background, PCE, and the fact you're a veteran, your chance of getting into MEDEX or ANY PA school at this point yields a very high percentage. Apply early. Like the first day CASPA opens. Good luck
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