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Application verified, now what??

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Hello! For those of you that have applied before or are already in PA school, is there anything that I can do after my applications have been sent in to help my chances? My CASPA application was verified on 6/29, and I have received emails from all of the schools I applied to saying my application is under review, followed by when they will start contacting people for interviews, but is there anything I can do in the meantime besides just sit and wait?

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Study the profession, prepare for interviews, and research the schools you applied to to find what you love about them say you were to get an interview. There are books you can get to prepare for interviews. Look up current events in the PA world and know about changes and common issues. Continue getting Pt care hours and volunteering so you have experiences to talk about in interviews 

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Yes, I second what spartan419 said. I would start preparing for interviews because you never know when that will come by. Know and understand that interviews are a beast! Not trying to scare you, but it really is a different playing field. You want to be make sure you're beyond prepared and comfortable once it comes down to it. G'luck! 

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As has been said, starting to prepare for interviews is a good thing to occupy some of your time. Try to arrange some practice interviews in a panel setting and one on one, this will help you simulate interview day and get a feel for formulating answers. The other thing to do is take an objective look at your application from an admissions committee perspective, what areas need improvement, is improving that area a reasonable option. Once you have identified some areas start planning to make those improvements and start doing that. There is nothing worse than waiting to look at that until the final denial email and then you only have 3-6months if that to make a change. If you plan as if you will not get in, then you will be very prepared if that actually happens.

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