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  1. But doesn't UCD also give you an NP degree after you finish? If it's a dual PA/NP degree, I would go there in a heartbeat since that may open up more opportunities down the road.
  2. Yes. Location, cost, rotation sites, electives (if that matters to you), etc. Most importantly go to a place where you know you’ll be happy. PA school is as much (if not more) of a mental challenge as academic obstacles. Gluck.
  3. To anyone who has taken the exam or preparing for the PANCE using PPP: did you have to use other material to cover all of the topics on the PANCE blueprint? I'm cross referencing and find that PPP is not at all inclusive. I understand that some/many have said PPP, Rosh, and UWorld were sufficient in their preparation, but I am wondering if those individuals also had to go through other study preps to make sure everything on the blueprint is covered. If it helps, I have the newest version of PPP (version 3, which includes Book A and B). Thank you.
  4. I appreciate all of the answers. I have been applying for non-PA jobs, but I was just curious to see which loan programs anyone would recommend.
  5. Hello all, Just wondering which private loan programs you would recommend for post PA school spendings (ie. state licensing, DEA, etc.). Some/many would recommend to wait for the possibility of an employer to pay for the DEA license; but, I'm also considering fellowship programs that require me to have my own DEA license. So, I'm in a pickle and unfortunately need to borrow extra money. I appreciate the advice! Thank you.
  6. @dphy83 thank you so much for the detailed response. It is a phone screening interview, so fortunately I do not have to wear a suit. haha. I will definitely treat it as an actual job interview to make sure I don't completely ruin my chances. I appreciate your wonderful advice!
  7. I am currently in the process of applying to post grad fellowship programs. I was recently contacted to complete a short "screening interview" with what appears to be someone not on the actual admissions committee. I believe this person I am interviewing with is similar to someone from the "HR" who does the screening interview before actually interviewing with the employer. So, my question for anyone who has experienced a screening interview for a post-grad fellowship program is: what type of questions do these screening interviewers usually ask? what is the overall goal of this short interview? If I blow up this screening interview, do I pretty much ruin my chance of getting in? Any input is appreciated. Thank you!
  8. That the impostor syndrome is real. Constantly, I question whether I am good enough especially knowing I WILL be caring for others health and well-being. As well, people say you should never compare yourself to others but (at times) it is difficult to 100% stay away from this; though, I really try not to b/c it is slowly eating up my self-esteem. Keeping a healthy mind is something I never even thought of prior to PA school because I have been fortunate to have supportive family and friends around. If you are moving away from home, understand that you will be emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and socially challenged. Surround yourself with positive and supportive individuals and your journey will be that much better.
  9. I appreciate your response, boli. It is an uneasy feeling.
  10. Hi Ket131, I appreciate your response. We also have to pass a pre-rotation exam before clinicals and hopefully that will help, like you mentioned. Making my own vignette might be a great idea so I will give that a try. PA school is going by so fast with so much information to learn. I don't know how other students are retaining info. and I'm aware it can be done. Thanks again!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm here asking for some advice. I am currently in my first year of didactic year. While I am passing my exams, I'm afraid I am not retaining information as well as I should. I am beyond worried because I start rotations in just a few months. At times, I see myself studying like I did in undergraduate where I learn it for the exam. I know this isn't how it should be done - I just don't know how to study differently that way I can commit it for long term memory. Any suggestions on how to study and retain info more efficiently? Is this the general feeling before going onto rotations? If you're currently in rotations, how do you think you could have studied more effectively during didactic year?
  12. I am currently in PA school now. Advice I will tell you have been advices I have read and received when I was in your shoes. And, I did not really realize how valuable they are until ACTUALLY going through PA school myself. The big one I would say now is the curriculum. I know it's really difficult to understand it at the moment (I know I didn't), but really try to understand which curriculum will best fit your learning/study style. I would also look into the amount of breaks in between sessions. Trust me, you would want to have AT LEAST 2 weeks in between session. Cost, faculty, how you felt during the interview, etc. etc. are secondary. Just choose the one that you know will give you the best PA education for you. Feel free to DM me if you have other questions as well.
  13. Yes, I second what spartan419 said. I would start preparing for interviews because you never know when that will come by. Know and understand that interviews are a beast! Not trying to scare you, but it really is a different playing field. You want to be make sure you're beyond prepared and comfortable once it comes down to it. G'luck!
  14. idk, I'm not a student yet so I most likely don't know what I'm talking about lol, but just tossing in GERD or sickle cell crisis (although, pt doesn't know if he has hx of sickle cell.. maybe toss in CBC???).
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