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2018-2019- Yale Online PA Application

Guest thatgirlonabike

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Guest thatgirlonabike
20 minutes ago, S6891 said:

Hi! Did you apply for early decision?

Nope.  I am not taking the GRE until June 21st so I'm just waiting for that.   I'm still tweaking my essays since I have to wait for then to submit anyway.   I think this program is my first choice though-- on most days anyway.

Sometimes I'm still worried about not having the classic experience with classmates.  It seems like they have some great software to address that but I'm still apprehensive.  

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2 hours ago, Michelinman said:

Just got done with my interview!

They said they will be meeting on Friday 6/15 to make decisions! 

Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations! Did they say whether or not they are continuing interviews for early decision applicants? THANKS

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5 hours ago, GypsyDoc said:

I just received a denial email… boo! The email stated they would not discuss the reason for denial during the admission cycle. C'Est La Vie. Good Luck everyone. I wish you all luck!!

Don't give up. I think that the one characteristic that PA students have is being very tenacious.....Grrrrrrrrr

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Being a PA (keep applying .....over, and over, and over after a million rejections) takes grit..... like I said earlier, I feel like I am in great company....every one of us will get there if that's what we really want. Still sending out positive vibes.... congratulations to everyone for wanting to embark on something extremey difficult in order to learn skills to help others. You rock....and I salute you!

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Good luck to everyone embarking upon their journey to PA school and especially this unique and progressive program Yale has designed. For me, this was my last opportunity and that is okay. It's time for me to move forward with other things. I am probably older than many of you, and you have years of service to give to your future careers. However, I have had some extraordinary experiences in my life and seized upon many opportunities when they presented themselves, but I was hoping I could write the remaining chapters as a physician's assistant.

On that note… Never stop learning and never stop moving forward. It may not be the path you want to take, but eventually you will get to where you are supposed to be. 

God Bless


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Sorry to hear about those that didn't make it! I'm inspired and impressed by you all.

Congrats to those that have been accepted! Oh how happy you must be!! May I ask what y'all thought was the main factor that lead to your acceptance? Also, I'd love to hear stats, if your willing to share....

Thanks and good luck to everyone on this journey.  


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