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  1. Hi Patrick! Just wondering how GW calculates GPA. Do they use the CASPA calculations, and does the overall GPA include post BAC work? Thanks for your help!!
  2. Starting this thread for Wingate 2018-2019., main campus
  3. Being a PA (keep applying .....over, and over, and over after a million rejections) takes grit..... like I said earlier, I feel like I am in great company....every one of us will get there if that's what we really want. Still sending out positive vibes.... congratulations to everyone for wanting to embark on something extremey difficult in order to learn skills to help others. You rock....and I salute you!
  4. Don't give up. I think that the one characteristic that PA students have is being very tenacious.....Grrrrrrrrr
  5. And hoping you get an acceptance!!!! If you don't, never give up....
  6. Congratulations! Did they say whether or not they are continuing interviews for early decision applicants? THANKS
  7. Yeah! Still waiting on an interview invite....I hope you have great news from your interview! Do you know if they might be extending the ED deadline?
  8. Me too! @GypsyDoc... have you heard anything?
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