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Just got the notice in my email yesterday, that I was randomly selected.  Why am I never randomly selected for Publishers Clearing House's $5000/wk for the rest of my life?

They pulled my name out of the hat.  State medical board did the same thing last year.  I always do at least the minimum number of hours; typically twice the required Cat 1 stuff, just because I enjoy learning, plus I don't bother to jot down the countless hours of reading I do that would credit towards Cat 2 time.  Will gather up my records and mail them in this week.  Still pisses me off though.  Seriously, I don't need to be babysat by any of these morons.  Never liked being hassled by "the Man", in any aspect of my life.

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There is an ongoing and never ending discussion about the NCCPA. I don't like them for many reasons but mostly because they have unlimited power over the profession and answer to nobody but themselves. There is no way that is a good thing.


I don't know if you are an AAPA member but forming a new certifying organization has been an agenda item for them and the idea failed by 1 vote among the board. They have elections upcoming now. I encourage everyone to learn who voted against forming a new certifying agency and vote them out. Anyone running for office that doesn't support the idea...no vote from me.

Spread the word! The right person voted onto the AAPA board could get us a new certifying agency.

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Not that I wouldn't anyway but, my current employer requires that I remain certified.  As you know, Texas doesn't require NCCPA certification beyond initial licensing.  I have more than a few old buddies who stopped writing the exams years ago.  Most are nearing or semi-retired.  One says he cannot compete with these new book-smart kids coming out of school and skewing the curve...lol.

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I was audited my first renewal cycle. I had over 200 Category 1 CME (mostly from UpToDate) and sent about a dozen certificates in, including a bunch of quarter credit hour certificates. Their tool to upload certificates doesn't always work but I have them all saved on my hard drive so I was able to send them in the same day I was notified. I should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket. 

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