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  1. I got a sick feeling whenever I got a vocational rehabilitation patient to evaluate.
  2. Easy to produce with online records.
  3. Don't forget that you can get deployed to the sand box for a year.
  4. Radiologist have read all the films I've ordered. We've all missed subtle finding on CXR.
  5. I got a couple of bottles of lidocaine at the local discount drug store. It's not expensive.
  6. I've never met a psych PA. One used to post here, but he was a nurse too.
  7. If one does this job long enough, one sees some rare complications. I wish the Pts with PETs would f/u with ent.
  8. NONSUPPURATIVE COMPLICATIONS Acute rheumatic fever Poststreptococcal reactive arthritis Scarlet fever Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome Acute glomerulonephritis PANDAS syndrome SUPPURATIVE COMPLICATIONS Tonsillopharyngeal cellulitis or abscess Otitis media Sinusitis Skin and soft tissue infections I treat.
  9. I give 60mg/day X 5 days or 8mg decadron im. Pediatric prednisolone 1mg/kg x 5 days and an Rx of singulair.
  10. After being stuck in the middle of the ocean by myself, acute care/family practice wasn't too bad. There are 3 ERs within 7 miles.
  11. I don't know which is worse wc or voc rehab. Both can drain all your energy. WC are easy once they're established, however.
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