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    • By Crusade16
      Dont know why but its not updated yet online anywhere.  Just letting you all know.
    • By futuretxpa
      Has anyone received an interview offer for 07/19? I received mine today and I'm super excited!
    • By dreben
      Hello I just wanted to ask if anyone has any thoughts on schools that are provisional and on probation.  
      I was wondering if I get into a program such as this... does that mean that if they don't attain their accreditation status before i graduate, all the work you do is for nothing?  Does anyone have experience or insight into this situation?
    • By veryworried1
      I am supposed to start a program in January. I have recently learned that the parent institution's accreditation has been changed to probational. The PA program itself has continued ARC accreditation. However, if the institution were to lose its accreditation, the PA program would as well (before I graduate). I realize they could teach out any matriculated classes. Is there any obligation for them to do this? ie if the faculty know the program would close, why would they want to stay? wouldnt they find new jobs to leave asap? Any information would be very appreciated!!!
    • By nguyenj0719
      I have been accepted to two schools that are difficult for me to decide between. One school (University of South Florida) is a brand new program, while the other (Nova Southeastern University - Ft. Laud) is an established program. I was hoping if anyone could help me with some insight and advice. 
      I attached a chart with some basic information about both programs and under that, I came up with some pros and cons for each program.

      NSU Pros/Cons
      - Established program with good PANCE rates
      - Large faculty/administration (not sure if this is a pro but worth mentioning compared to USF) 
      - Mentor/mentee system 
      - Expensive option (higher tuition and living cost)
      - Far from home (4-5 hours away)
      - Larger class size 
      USF Pros/Cons
      - Faculty (though not as large as NSU) has teaching experience in other PA programs
      - Cheaper option
      - Smaller class size 
      - Closer to home (30-45 minutes away)
      - First class will be the guinea pigs
      - No history/PANCE rate
      Please correct me if I am wrong on any of the information. Thank you! 
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