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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was hoping for some insight on this bc I'm kinda in a rut but I have somewhat of an idea of what I should do. I recently got accepted to a program that hasn’t officially posted their accreditation (claimed they received good news so far) and will be having their first inaugural class but was rumored to have started this program under different faculty before, had accepted a full cohort, failed their accreditation, and those students had to find a new program (probably for the cycle after). I have two more interviews to do, while had five in total and this program starts real soo
  2. Hi, everyone! What are your thoughts on applying to programs with a ARC-PA probationary accreditation status (i.e., "Accreditation-Probation")? I'm a first-time applicant, and a couple schools that I have my eye on currently have probationary statuses (Johnson & Wales University; Monmouth University). I was wondering if it's worth applying to said schools, especially to ones that have had a probationary status for more than two years. Although these schools are still considered accredited, is it safe to apply to & then attend these schools? Do these schools prepare stud
  3. Is there a major risk to joining a program that only has provisional accreditation, as opposed to a fully accredited program? Thanks guy and gals!
  4. Dont know why but its not updated yet online anywhere. Just letting you all know.
  5. Anyone applying to the Stanford PA program?? if so please share your journey..stats..and anxious thoughts :) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  6. I am supposed to start a program in January. I have recently learned that the parent institution's accreditation has been changed to probational. The PA program itself has continued ARC accreditation. However, if the institution were to lose its accreditation, the PA program would as well (before I graduate). I realize they could teach out any matriculated classes. Is there any obligation for them to do this? ie if the faculty know the program would close, why would they want to stay? wouldnt they find new jobs to leave asap? Any information would be very appreciated!!!
  7. I am the father of an incoming student, starting at the end of this month. I am uneasy with not knowing the specific reasons that Chatham's PA program in on accreditation probation. A lot of the money that could be sent there is mine. Does anyone have specific details of the reasons for probation? clinical reasons? specifically what? classroom reasons? specifically what?
  8. Just wondering why it's not possible to apply to OLOL PA program through CASPA? Every other school I've looked into has their application process through CASPA, even if they do require supplemental applications. Is there something different about OLOL's PA program? Is it accredited the same as the other PA schools? Even schools that only have provisional accreditation such as MS College are on CASPA, so I was just curious as to why OLOL was not. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone I am inquiring to see if the HCE needs to be accredited or not. I am looking at places http://www.caahep.org/ or places like this http://www.abhes.org/ to see if the programs are or not. Another reason I am I am asking is because G-D forbid I can not get into any PA schools the first time around, this would be an alternative; Plan B while I am gathering HCE hours. For example I am looking into Surg Tech programs and I see where I am they are accredited as opposed to some other places I was looking at. One more reason I am asking is because when I am ready to look for a jo
  10. HI~! i'm in my last year of PA school... just finishing my general surgery rotation~!!! i dunno wat specialty rotation to chose let alone specialty to chose from~! i thought i would be interested in neurosurg.... but after looking at the type of patients neurosurg patients are... i'm not so sure.. :( i like surgery, i like clinic, ahhhh i dunno wat to chose~! any advice please?!
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