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Acceptance to IPAP (Army)

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Hello all,

I am sure this topic has already been beat to death but I am really having no luck finding particular answers.  I will be mailing off my packet to HRC tomorrow for this next IPAP board and looking for some insight about my chances.  I need to forward think on this issue because if I do not get picked up I will be PCS'ing soon and need to have a back up ready.  My stats are as follows:


Rank: CW3 (boarding for CW4 in May)

TIS as of Jan 1 2017: 13 years 5 months

Prior service as medic (E-5)

Last 11 years I have been a Kiowa pilot until congress divested them

I have the 15 credits minimum to apply with a GPA of 3.3 (overall over 100 credits through JST and CLEP)

SAT score 1710

2 additional letters of rec from 2 Full bird Colonels

Numerous Valorous awards

Almost all OER's are either top blocked or top block write up (top 15% etc.)


The MILPER message said that if you are over 13 years that you are ineligible to apply, but talking with the IPAP PM he said to go ahead and apply and to submit a waiver.  Anyone have any intel or thoughts on my chances of both getting picked up with these stats and getting the waiver approved?  Any help would be appreciated as I am really passionate about this but haven't been able to apply before due to back to back to back deployments.  Thanks in advance


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I'm an IPAP grad, 2010 and helped a guy get in in 2012. Your stats look good. It's honestly hard to say what gets picked up each cycle/year. I was a former active duty Infantry officer with mediocre grades my first time in school but straight A's when I went for pre-reqs at 30. The Guard had a screaming need in 2007 when I applied, and I explicitly stated that I expected and wanted to be deployed in my letter of intent. The guy I helped got in on his 4th try- SF medic, 20 years, solid dude.


Long story short- contact the IPAP AMEDD recruiter, see what they want, and shore up those areas. Most importantly- don't give up, it can take a few tries.

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If we took the SAT in high school for college admission (like 7 years ago), do we need to take them again? What's a good score for the SAT for IPAP?


The SAT score has to be within the last 5 years.

The minimum is 450 Reading and Math but a cumulative score of at least 1000. Some people had very high scores. Some had just the minimum. They really do look at the whole applicant when making their selection.

My advise would be to do as well as possible. It is an opportunity to shine and stand out.


FWIW - We were told that there was a strong correlation between the SAT math score and success in the program.


For more information:


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