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  1. I just looked up the numbers, so I'll give you a better picture of the financial benefit. 20k ( in loan repayment) 4,500 TA Cap 4000 EDD Cap --------------------------- 28,500 per year x2 --------------------------- $57,000 total you WILL NOT pay out of pocket for PA school, just by joining the NG. ($9500 of that will be paid every year, so you don't take out loans for that amount). PA schools are 60k-75k for the entire program, so it looks like a good financial decision= 3k - 18k (plus some interest...) for a PA degree (plus whatever you take out to live off of)! Also, many private civ schools offer discounted tuition to military- and many of them have PA programs as well. But above all, make sure you are joining the military for the right reasons. It is very rewarding, but does come with sacrifices! Good luck!
  2. You cannot do AD and PA school at the same time unless you are attending IPAP (which is the military PA program). You can most definintely do the National Guard while doing PA school, and it would actually be a great decision. The NG offers a lot of educational benefits that are awesome if you are enlisted because you do not incur a service obligations (like us officers do), and you get to dip into both state and federal funding. There are also many incentives to those that are currently serving in the NG and choose a civ PA program to go to- depending on your states needs. For instance, the NG is currently offering a 20k student loan repayment option for each year of PA school, for every 3 years that you add to your contract. So basically, you get to use EDD (state tutition assistance), TA (federal tutition assistance), and if you ADSO you can get 40k repaid on your student loans. I mean, that sounds like a win to me. The NG also allows the "Flex Policy" which allows providers and students in medical programs ( Like PA or medical school) only drill once a quarter- so you only have to show up once every 3 months in order to remain in good standing with your unit. You are also non-deployable at that time. If you want more information, or would like me to put you in contact with your state's Medical Officer Recruiter, let me know. I prefer to give you more detailed information than to just say "No, its impossible..." or something like that from above... Good luck!
  3. Hey everyone, I have been told that I need to raise my GPA. I am sitting with a 2.99 CASPA GPA (I have over 180+ credit hours from bacc and a few post courses some programs required), so I am considering doing an online masters program to raise my GPA instead of contining to take more random courses. I am a medical officer for the military, have scribing and CNA hours too. I've seen a few programs out there but I need one that I can do fully online as I work full time for the military right now. Thank you!
  4. I have 10 Cs, but over 180+ credit hours, and I have a 2.99 CASPA GPA. So sometimes you just screw yourself by taking more classes (and doing well, As...) but increasing the number of credits so you don't go up much...
  5. If we took the SAT in high school for college admission (like 7 years ago), do we need to take them again? What's a good score for the SAT for IPAP?
  6. thanks, you as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. This whole last paragraph needs to go. Its a complete turn off. PM if you'd like help.
  8. Just for anyone else that is tracking this post, I submitted mine on the 10th and it was verified yesterday on the 12th.
  9. Start your personal statement brain-storming by writing a single sentence about why you want to be a PA. " I want to be a PA because I want to provide high quality care to _______....". Write that first before you focus on writing anything else. Answer the question so you make sure that you first, answer the question, and second, so the rest of your essay revolves around that sentence. My Personal statement writing started by listing my experiences, and words that described me and my experiences (tenacity, well-rounded, dynamic, leadership, kind, etc.). This will help you formulate a tone for your essay. After you do this, start writing sentences that sum up your random thoughts. My list of random thoughts equated to about two pages of text. Next, outline how you want your essay to flow. I outlined mine to be: Philosophy, experience, realization, Why-I-Want-To-Be-A-PA-Summary. It can vary to be whatever you want, but make sure it has a logical flow. So for mine, I outlined my philosophy, my experiences that demonstrated this philosophy, the turning point in my life when I was introduced to the profession, and then why I want to be a PA and what made me think that I would be a great PA. Once I outlined my essay, then I grabbed one of those sentences and ran with it- a sentence that really spoke to me. Then just start writing and piecing in other sentences that follow your outline. Once you have a rough draft, then worry about refining and making the character count. Your PS needs explain why you want a PA, what experiences reaffirmed this desire, and why you think you would excel at the PA profession. Too many times people mistake a PS for stating all of the medical experience they have and have seen. Do not do this! Your essay has good initiative, but maybe start over and try to collect and organize your thoughts. I'm sure you have a great story to tell! If you need help, feel free to message me. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  10. Hello everyone, For those that have already submitted their application in the past few weeks, how long did it take for your application to be verified? I'm probably going to submit my application tomorrow. Thanks!
  11. Hey, I'm filling out my CASPA application now. I was wondering where the most appropriate place to list a conference I attended. I went to a week long Ethics Conference at West Point a few years ago. It was great and some of the topics were medically focused. I would love to include this on my application but I'm confused as to where the most appropriate spot is. Thank you for your help! V/R,
  12. I did the exam and had the interview. I was just wondering if they had sent out rejection letters in addition to the wait-list and acceptance emails.
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