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Help me decide where to apply!!!

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I'm currently a Pre-PA student that will be applying in the 2016-2017 application process. Below are my current stats (only missing this upcoming spring semester) and the schools I'm looking at applying to. Hoping to get some insight from others who have applied to or been accepted into PA programs as to whether or not my stats qualify me for the programs I'm considering applying to.



Undergrad Ed School: University of Northern Iowa, BA in Biology

Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.67

Science Undergrad GPA: 3.43


Age at Application Time: 24


GRE scores

Verbal: 155

Quantitative: 155

Writing: 3.0


Healthcare Experience Hours:

CNA in nursing home over when home from school over summers and on breaks for 2 yrs (~800 hours)

Personal Care Attendant for quadriplegic man for 4 yrs (~1000 hours)

Patient Care Technician in Cardiovascular Unit of Hospital for 1.5 yrs (~1500 hours)

Total = ~3300 hours


Extracurricular/Research Activities:

Research Assistant - 2 semesters

Teaching Assistant for Anatomy & Physiology - 1 semester

Neuroscience Research Assistant in Taipei, Taiwan - 1 summer (~3 months)

Vice President of Campus Ministry Organization - 2 semesters

Student Leader in Campus Ministry Organization - 3 semesters

Tech Manager and Sunday School Teacher at Church - 2 yrs

Director of Professional Development for Profession-Related Student Organization - 1 semester

In-Patient Pharmacy Volunteer at Hospital - 2 semesters


Schools Considering Applying To:

- University of Iowa

- Des Moines University

- Oregon Health & Science University

- University of Wisconsin-Madison

- Marquette University

- University of Nebraska

- University of Colorado OR Wake Forest University (trying to decide which one to apply to)


Any educated opinions or advice would be appreciated! Am I setting my sights too high??

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