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Vermont's first PA program. Anyone applying here? 

sad   not well handled as they left a large number of people in a bind   Maybe ARC-PA should have a regulation against this, or re arrange their time line so it does not happen..

I have an interview on the 24th. I live within a few hours, so I'm debating on when to come up.

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Hey everyone !


I got acceped October and I am excited to meet everyone !  I believe When I was there for my interview, they said they had about ( I think.. ) 18 seats that were taken out of the 26. I could be wrong though that was a few months ago...  They were very fast though in letting me know about the acceptance. My interview was on a Friday and they called me the next Tuesday morning.


I am starting to make plans on moving out there , I am from Arizona ;) so a bit of a change. I was planning on getting there the beginning of May to move it, get settled and explore a little. 


Anyone interested in settting up a facebook group to get to know each other ?


See you all in a months !



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So... Just got an interview invitation. At this point in the game, how many seats could there possibly be? based on prior posts it looks like 18/26 are full.


I am also flying in from out of state. Any recommendations for hotels or things to check out while I'm in town? (prospective housing, gyms, etc)


Anyone else from out of state?

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Congrats on your invite! It is definitely an accomplishment so enjoy it! I interview here a couple weeks ago and was offered a seat - at that point they had 16/26 taken. I interviewed in a group of 15 but have no idea how many people were offered seats. I imagine there are at least 5 seats open if they are having another interview session. Id suggest getting up there a day in advance so you have time to explore the Rutland area - there are all sorts of things to do and it is always nice to get a feel of a place.


Where are you coming from btw?

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Congrats on the invite ! I came from out of town as well, all the way from az ha, for my interview in October. I also agree with coming up the day before ! It gave me time to drive to the school so I wouldn't get lost , and I explored the area. I stayed at the days Inn that's in rutland right by a highway. .. I don't remember which one I'm bad at directions lol.


I would also think they have at least 5 or so open. When is your interview ?


Best of luck ! Most importantly, stay calm , practice your interview questions, and remember to smile :)

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I'm coming from Michigan. Interview is March 23rd. I have to leave a day early simply due to flights. its pretty hard to get out there since its rather remote.


I have interviewed before and I'm really not that nervous about it. Just need to review through my questions and answers. 


I do have a lot of questions for them though. Like a lot. Did you guys give them a thorough review with questions too or was the interview more one sided? just curious.


Also where do you plan to live during school?

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