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  1. Yes, just call the program administrator and ask if there's a place to keep luggage. All of mine were fine with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I usually arrived the day before because most interviews start in the morning. I would leave right after the interview, although some that were long drives I stayed an extra night for. I used Airbnb for all of my overnights which saved me a lot of money. The one interview I flew for I could use public transportation to get to the interview so I don't have the experience of renting a car in that situation. Make sure you find out about parking at the interview location. Good luck!
  3. Ok, you people are SLOW. It took all of 20 seconds to get 2 replies on my pre-PA Facebook group. You snooze you looze!
  4. Hi PA Forum Friends! In return for the help and support I have received here, I'm giving away, to one lucky pre-PA human, two interview prep books: The Medical School Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty by Samir P. Desai & Rajani KattaHow To "Ace" The Physician Assistant School Interview: From the author of the best-selling book, The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School by Andrew RodicanThe first person who calls dibs gets 'em. I only ask that in return you promise to share the love with another applicant after you are done with them. Don't
  5. FYI https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/11-jobs-pay-100k/
  6. Hear, hear for a liberal arts education! I, too, have found it invaluable for the exact same reasons that you stated. I also know that my school's emphasis on creative thinking and encouragement to be open to myriad subjects was instrumental in my decision to change careers mid-life from art to medicine. I know this isn't exactly related to the thread. Just wanted to encourage anyone, no matter what your background, to be open to trying something new.
  7. They cannot see how many schools you applied to, BUT there's a caveat to that. One of my schools wanted a print out directly from the ETS website of my GRE score on interview day. At the bottom of the score page is a list of all the schools you sent your results to. So they would see all the schools you applied to that require a GRE (unless you cut off that part of the print out.) Not that this probably matters in the grand scheme of things, but something to ponder over.
  8. Albany operates a little differently. They used to pull from two cycles of CASPA because of their January start date. So for the class that started this January 2016 they pulled candidates from CASPA 2014 and then started interviewing some from CASPA 2015. I applied in July 2015. I was invited to interview but only for the waitlist as they had filled up their class already. I heard that CASPA was no longer going to allow them to pull from two cycles anymore so what they did was decide to accept those whom they didn't have room for last year so they wouldn't have to scramble to fill an ent
  9. My interviewers were congenial and easy to converse with. It was a nice day including a lot of time with students. I honestly don't remember having a group activity... Maybe someone else can weigh in. Good luck!!
  10. I took an Introduction to Statistics course through my school's math department, and every school I applied to accepted it. I believe one of my schools asked for the syllabus, but after that they were fine with it, too. Of course, always check the website carefully and call the specific school if you have any doubts.
  11. This is very sad news, especially for all the candidates who spent time and money traveling for interviews. I feel for those who were accepted and planned to attend, who quit jobs, and made moving arrangements. I'm also really hoping nobody passed up another offer for St. Joseph. What a shame.
  12. CASPA totalled $1575. I honestly can't remember how much each of the supplementals were. I didn't do supplementals for every single one of them though (some ask for supplementals only if they're interested and I never heard from some of them) . I think it ended up being less than $3000 but more than $2500.
  13. Let me preface this post by saying that I place complete blame upon this forum for making me such a paranoid wreck that I applied to way too many schools. How many is too many? 29. 29 is too many. I was sure that my GPA wasn’t high enough or my HCE was no good or I was too old, or too young, or whatever other spastic negative thought came to me while poring over this website. PA Forum, you are a blessing and a curse. Undergrad: Skidmore College, B.S. in Dance Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.72 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.76 Graduate School: N/A Post-bacc GPA: 4.0 (52 credits) Ho
  14. I have similar stats to yours, 1000 hours as a phlebotomist, and I got into GW this cycle. Like others have said, write a killer essay. Good luck!
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