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  1. Albany operates a little differently. They used to pull from two cycles of CASPA because of their January start date. So for the class that started this January 2016 they pulled candidates from CASPA 2014 and then started interviewing some from CASPA 2015. I applied in July 2015. I was invited to interview but only for the waitlist as they had filled up their class already. I heard that CASPA was no longer going to allow them to pull from two cycles anymore so what they did was decide to accept those whom they didn't have room for last year so they wouldn't have to scramble to fill an entire class by next January. I was offered a spot for Jan. 2017 because I was put on the waitlist for Jan. 2016. This is why you will see some people on here were already accepted. So don't worry. I'm sure they still have plenty of spots to fill.
  2. My interviewers were congenial and easy to converse with. It was a nice day including a lot of time with students. I honestly don't remember having a group activity... Maybe someone else can weigh in. Good luck!!
  3. CASPA totalled $1575. I honestly can't remember how much each of the supplementals were. I didn't do supplementals for every single one of them though (some ask for supplementals only if they're interested and I never heard from some of them) . I think it ended up being less than $3000 but more than $2500.
  4. Let me preface this post by saying that I place complete blame upon this forum for making me such a paranoid wreck that I applied to way too many schools. How many is too many? 29. 29 is too many. I was sure that my GPA wasn’t high enough or my HCE was no good or I was too old, or too young, or whatever other spastic negative thought came to me while poring over this website. PA Forum, you are a blessing and a curse. Undergrad: Skidmore College, B.S. in Dance Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.72 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.76 Graduate School: N/A Post-bacc GPA: 4.0 (52 credits) Honors: cum laude, departmental honors, honors society Age at application time: 40, holla 1st GRE: 154 quantitative (56%), 164 verbal (94%), 5.5 writing (98%) HCE: 1100 hours phlebotomy Certifications: EMT-B. Got it, never used it. Volunteer: Red Cross (60 hours), Animal rescue (40 hours), volunteered in various arts-in-education, scholarship foundation, and community outreach programs for dance (1000s of hours). Shadowing: 60 hours internal medicine, cardiology, and orthopedics LOR: 2 PAs that I shadowed, professor, pre-health advisor, lab supervisor Schools Applied: Too many, see disclaimer. CASPA Submitted: 07/04/2015 CASPA Verified: 07/20/2015 Denied: South University, Philadelphia U, Rosalind Franklin Interview invites: Thomas Jefferson, College of St. Joseph, Indiana U, Clarkson, UNC Chapel Hill, Chatham, SUNY Upstate, NOVA Ft. Myers, Albany Med, Arcadia, Lock Haven, Rush, DeSales, Cornell, Yale, Rutgers, Wake Forest, George Washington, Duke Interviews attended: College of St. Joseph, Albany Med, Lock Haven, Cornell, Yale, Rutgers, George Washington Withdrew before hearing from: Drexel, James Madison, UNE, MCPHS, Stonybrook, Hofstra Accepted: College of St. Joseph, Albany, Lock Haven, Cornell, Yale, George Washington Attending: Yale Many will judge me for applying to so many schools, but there was a method to my madness and some surprising results that others might learn from. I am 40 years old and coming from my former job I took a HUGE pay cut when I got the job as a phlebotomist. In my mind, applying was a one shot deal so forking over the money for 29 schools seemed like a rational idea at the time since I wouldn’t have to apply again (more $) and also spend another year getting paid a low wage. Also, I honestly didn’t know how desirable a candidate I was until I started hearing back. 3.7 is a good GPA but it’s not 3.8 or 4.0. I read that 1000 hours was the bare minimum and that phlebotomy was not considered “desirable” to schools. Every school I applied to I researched thoroughly and made sure all of my pre-reqs and HCE requirements lined up even if only the minimum. I also just looked at schools I would be willing to go to if I only got into one. The most interesting thing about this experience is that the schools I considered my just-for-the-hell-of-it/reaches got back to me very quickly, and I was in the first or second interview groups (GW, Yale, Cornell, Duke, Rutgers, Wake Forest). And the schools I thought I was a shoo-in for I didn’t hear from by the time I had already interviewed and been accepted at 6 others (I’m looking at you, Drexel, Stonybrook, MCPHS, and UNE). So I guess the moral is that this is not an exact science. You cannot know what is possible until you fork over the cash and hit that submit button. I feel so very fortunate to have gotten the opportunities that I had. Best of luck to everyone, especially my fellow oldies.
  5. Heads up, peeps. Just got an invite for November 5. I was verified on July 20. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Yes. Just got it, too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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