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  1. I agree completely. I just think, "hey, I'm paying $100,000 for this- I'd like to know what I got wrong so if this occurs on the PANCE I'd like to not get this wrong." I think the program is trying to keep their exams from being compromised from future classes, so everything is kept hush-hush.
  2. Just curious how other programs teaching styles are.
  3. I will be interviewing at this school on Dec. 16th, but have not gotten confirmation after scheduling my interview besides the "e-ticket"
  4. Good point. Thank god for BCP and other categories.
  5. Preface: I had a bit of a hiccup with attendance 11 years ago in undergrad. Ended up going back and retaking all classes, but CASPA doesn't honor grade replacement.... 2015 cycle: Cumulative GPA: 3.09 Coursework taken since: Pathophys - A Developmental Psych - A Microbio w/ lab (5 cr) - A Advanced EMT (comm. college) - A Orgo I w/ Lab (5 cr) - B/A Medical Terminology - A 2016 calculated cumulative GPA: 3.05 What the even what?!?!?! Anyone know what kind of maths these chaps are using?
  6. I have minimal daily exposure to MD's & PA's as well, but my supervisors know me extremely well. I risked it and asked some people I shadowed for letters because I learned so much, and really got along with them well. At least I got them, and if they perhaps don't know me as well- hopefully my other letters from EMS & other clinical work will make up for it.
  7. Does anyone know why this programs webpage has been taken off the CSJ website?
  8. Do you think that a Letter of Recommendation from a retired cardiologist would be accepted as a Dr. LOR?
  9. http://soloschools.com/ You might find what you're looking for there as well.
  10. Is it odd that I was placed on the waitlist for this program already, without interviewing? Seems odd because their deadline is in March, and I am a NH resident, would be very easy for me to go for an interview in person.
  11. Does anyone know if this school is still interviewing, as their application deadline isn't until March? I have not heard anything at all on my application since August.
  12. Finally received my preliminary file score from updated Fall 2015 courses today and made it to review. Does anyone know how full the class is?
  13. That sounds like a great program. I have been faced with miles of red-tape if I try to shadow anything but completely hands off family practice. More and more hospitals and private practices are requiring surgical observation to be done only by matriculated med/pa/dpt etc students.
  14. I am currently in this same situation. All the schools around me only offer Orgo 2 in the spring semester. I am planning on taking an Orgo survey course, and taking Biochem online through UC Berkeley Extension. It's probably not ideal, but most of the schools I am looking at just require the Biochem course.
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