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  1. I thought they said that decisions would be out this week. Didn't think that meant just the acceptances.
  2. I got an email saying that they had sent out enough acceptances to fill the class, but expect that not everyone will decide to matriculate. They will continue interviewing for waitlisted spots through October and will then begin pulling from the waitlist.
  3. I'm just hoping they get to the waitlisted people soon :/
  4. When does Touro start sending out Interviews for the Manhattan campus?
  5. Early May, like the 8th. Yeah, it's handwritten essays and must be mailed in with the payment.
  6. Just an email to say it was received, but not a complete and ready for review email. Not sure if they send one.
  7. I applied to the Manchester campus. Any idea how long they generally take to get interviews going? I would assume it will be a while.
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