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  1. I just got an invitation to interview in Feb 19 last night (Jan 8th).
  2. Does anyone know if interview invites are still being extended or they send pre-interview rejections? I have not heard anything since August. Thank you
  3. Does anyone know if more interviews are being held? I have not heard anything since confirmation email. Do not know if they send out rejections?
  4. Thank you for the info! I interviewed in October and am anxiously waiting to hear any good news to get pulled from the alternate list. This is my number one program so fingers crossed!
  5. For those who have heard something, when were you verified? I was 08/10 and have not gotten call or email since confirmation.
  6. Any idea how many are on wait list or if/when people start to get pulled?
  7. Verified Aug 10th, confirmation from Bay Path on Sept 2nd; nothing else as of tonight.
  8. My supplemental was complete July 28th and received a confirmation email on Aug 12th stating application reviews begin in October and interviews begin in January
  9. For people who already received interview did you receive confirmation email stating above?
  10. Alexis1021, I have one outstanding pre req this semester and one next. I was verified 08/10 and supplemental received and complete within the following week and was extended an interview offer 08/21ish. I took a genetics class at USF in 2009 that was just general genetics, I can look up and message you specifics later. I would say don't get discouraged because the process is very unpredictable and you will drive yourself mad reading these forums. Yes they look more favorable with pre reqs complete but they take other upper level degrees, medical experience, etc into consideration as well.
  11. Anyone who has not even interviewed receive an email saying you won't be offered admission to the program?
  12. Cashlyn3, I applied for a few reasons, I also love TN and have a lot of friends there for support. It also has some great clinical sites from what I have heard and the tri state medical area being within a few hours. I am a 28 year old applicant with a prior masters so I had the issue of some pre requisites aging out since I was in my masters program and did not retake the older classes. With this school I did not have any prerequisite issues.
  13. That's strange this is what the confirmation email states that interviews will not begin until January, I received email August 12th. "The application review process will begin in October. Interviews will start in January 2016 and run through May. The interview is a day-long process, with presentation of faculty and staff, group and individual interviews. The interview is the final step towards acceptance to our program. Applicants selected to interview will be notified 2-4 weeks before the interview date." Based on this email they are reviewing apps and won't interview until begin
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