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  1. I am curious what you are getting at? This is part of the reason I asked for input. Is there something I am missing or something that I overlooked/miscalculated? I also will be working nights with a small shift differential and that increases my salary too. But I am curious what you are referring. again thanks for your time and help @LT_Oneal_PAC
  2. @futurepa588 @LT_Oneal_PAC 40hr/week x $48/hr x 52weeks/year = $99840 per year as listed in my original post, its THREE 12hr shifts per week, but paid for 40hrs (from time to duties outside of clinical practice)
  3. UPDATE: I had the chance to discuss some of the questions/concerns I had about the offer and they gave me some answers. The loan reimbursement is a one time offering of 10K the first year, and does not renew annually. I am going to try and work that out and get it to be annual. Second, there are 2 bonuses available at $5K each per year which "everyone makes these metrics and earns them". Third, they were unable to "budge" on the salary and therefore I am stuck at $48/hr for my first 2 years, then at year three it bumps to $51. I feel like I should be able to negotiate this even though they claim it to be standard system wide and not adjustable. What are your thoughts? I've read quite a few posts from you all and would greatly appreciate your seasoned advice. THANKS! @Arthropathy @MediMike @corpsman89 @LT_Oneal_PAC @CookiePA @camoman1234 @AbeTheBabe
  4. @MediMike - We would not be asked to be the solo until after many months of training and they feel comfortable with us stabilizing a patient to send out to the larger state hospital. They also told me yes there would be support from the other facility, just that it would take them 10-20min to arrive. Or call them by phone. I dont know what their plan is for procedure or if we get additional training for that. I will have to check up on that. Thanks for your advice.
  5. @Arthropathy - I believe its an auto-renewal with the chance to renegotiate annually. but that is my other question for them. I will be bargaining for the chance to renegotiate annually. @MediMike - I did not consider incorporating the night shift differential, I did the calculations last night and it comes out about 102K. My goal is to ask for a little higher hourly to compensate being the only provider at one location some night shifts and based on the Cost of Living in the area. I think thats reasonable. Or ask for a larger differential for night shifts in general. Those are my points of discussion for them. Otherwise, I'm super happy with the offer and excited for the next steps. Thanks for your inputs.
  6. Hello, I recently graduated and was offered a New Grad Hospitalist position in the New England area at a community hospital without some specialties and would like some feedback on the offer... Compensation: $48/hr, annually $99,840, plus incentive bonus (unknown amount), shift differential for night shifts $3/hr Schedule: 3 12hr shifts, alternating weeks of days and nights, 2 locations couple blocks apart, 6-10pts per day, great coaching and MD support, closed ICU/OBGYN, all surgical emergencies go to larger state hospital nearby PTO: 280hr allotment for all CME, sick, vacation, holidays, etc CME: $2500 for all license, DEA, certifications, etc Added bonus: AAPA Hospitalist bootcamp after 3-6months of starting, covered by the hospital Benefits: 10K loan reimbursement per year, relocation reimbursement coverage, 403b 3% match first year, then 5% match thereafter; Healthcare, Life insurance, AD&D, malpractice with tail coverage, etc. Does this seem like adequate compensation in general, and is that a good differential for nights? How could I negotiate this if at all? The alternating weeks of days and nights sounds rough, how could I configure this? Any other comments or insights are appreciated! Thanks for your help!
  7. I too am looking at a hospitalist PA position. and curious about negotiating tactics specifically for loan reimbursement and hourly rates. Recruiter I spoke with said PAs start at 48$/hr + incentives and generally everyone makes their incentives so they get their bonuses. Not quite sure how the incentives and bonuses work and would love to hear more about these if people have info. and i think the base pay should be higher, so im asking for assistance in how to work up that price probably closer to $55-60/hr. Also explained that they do a lump sum for student loan reimbursement. I dont know the numbers yet, but do I ask for the chance to negotiate this number over my career or determine if its a flat rate from the start? Just asking for ideas because this will be my first contract. thanks for your help
  8. Congrats PAmama55!!! Im getting more and more excited for my interview later this month. By chance, do you know how many positions were left when you interviewed? Also, where are you from?
  9. I'm coming from Michigan. Interview is March 23rd. I have to leave a day early simply due to flights. its pretty hard to get out there since its rather remote. I have interviewed before and I'm really not that nervous about it. Just need to review through my questions and answers. I do have a lot of questions for them though. Like a lot. Did you guys give them a thorough review with questions too or was the interview more one sided? just curious. Also where do you plan to live during school?
  10. So... Just got an interview invitation. At this point in the game, how many seats could there possibly be? based on prior posts it looks like 18/26 are full. I am also flying in from out of state. Any recommendations for hotels or things to check out while I'm in town? (prospective housing, gyms, etc) Anyone else from out of state?
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