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Clarification on sections "that best describe the type of experience"

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Just wondering how to do the following:


a) I have clinical experience from my CNA course. Should I log those hours in under patient care experience, HCE, or don't include them at all?


b) Should I put every semester that I was on the Dean's List?


c) How do you put job promotions? As in, I started as a CNA, but then I was appointed to Shift Lead, or I started as a Teacher and then was appointed to Lead Teacher. Do I mention that promotion under the Work Experience or under Leadership?


d) As for the Awards/Honors section, in the instructions it says "relevant awards and honors..." Does that mean everything that is not specifically health care related should be skipped?!?!


f) Also, do ppl actually split experiences based on what "best describes"  it when referring to 1 job? For example, since I was working a CNA graveyard shift, maybe 1/3 the shift was direct patient care, the other 2/3 was cleaning and paperwork. If I split it, that brings down my patient care hours a lot lower than I had thought I'd originally accumulated... Boo.


Thanks for the feedback!


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  • Administrator

a) Clinical hours as part of a certification are not HCE, they are included in health care certifications.

b) yes.

c) Include the promotions within a job description in work experience.  I tend to prefer covering promotions within a company by listing the final title, and then describing the promotions in the narrative.

d) Depends.  List things that show you're cool and have a diversity of background experiences.  Skip things that don't explain themselves, or that make an adcom look like you're REALLY reaching.  Middle school honor roll? Skip that.

e) I do advise being careful when listing things in sequence

f) Depends on how CASPA current directions ask you to split it.  When I did mine in the 2009-10 cycle, all my EMT shift time was counted as HCE per CASPA directions, even though some programs had specific, narrower requirements they enumerated in secondary applications.

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HAHAHA. I snorted when I just saw that I skipped e and went to f. lol.

As for your answer to letter d, good to know! I had a minor in art, and it seemed a shame to remove anything related to that. It seemed better to throw some stuff in to say, see! see what I did with a minor in studio art!

Thanks for your feedback. 'Twas very helpful.


What about organizations/clubs attended during college? As a member, not a leader or founder, I mean. Should those not be included unless they are "professional," as in yes to PsiChi national honors society membership, but no to the Pickles for Everyone club.

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