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  1. Did you know right away after Shadowing, PA was the right fit for you? 100%? Or did it take a few settings and time to find out where you envisioned your dream specialization. I knew (even before shadowing!) that PA was the right fit for me. I think that is something that you have to determine yourself. Ask yourself: why not MD? DO? RN/NP? PT? Some times ruling out why other specialties are not a good fit for you can clarify why PA may be the right path. And before, during, and even after PA school I don't have a "dream specialization." So I wouldn't worry too much about that. I
  2. Hey! Are you still reading and critiquing personal statements? I'd love to have some feedback, Thanks.  

  3. I have read this type of opening sentence over and over...and over in multiple PS. I would not recommend it.
  4. This reads like a regurgitation of a resume. Big no-no Why PA? why not RN? CRNA? You have to show why the profession is personally meaningful to you. What qualities do you have that would make you a good fit to be a PA? And what aspects of the PA profession would be a good fit for you? Take less time listing off your accomplishments and more time talking about what being a PA means in the big picture: connecting with patients, helping people at their most vulnerable, listening and really understand a communitites needs, educating and advocating about the PA profession... could go on and on. Ma
  5. Woo! Thanks Toasty for paying it forward! I agree with lots of the comments that Toasty made. I will merely add on the existing edits When I set foot inside the oncology department, I wasn’t too sure about how I would like it. I’d been After watching medical documentaries and television shows for twelve years, and I had my heart set on surgery (I think I might lik this second sentence as an opener better than your first. That being said, I dunno how good of an idea it is to start off with that whole, cuz I liked it on tv it influenced my career. I mean, if that were the case I'd be bac
  6. No problem. You worked so hard and it really shows. I think your final draft was stellar. Good luck! Keep me posted when you get accepted into your #1 choice!
  7. This is not a bad PS. There's good sentence variation, it flows fairly well, and no crazy grammar errors or anything. That being said, it sounds... self-centered. And I know that sound silly because these statments are kinda like a cover letter, but I think if you really want to stand out, you have to go beyond the simple listing of qualities as to why you'd be good as a PA Let's look past why you'd be good. Don't look into what you'd get out of it ( phrases like, "as a life long learner, becoming a PA would quench my thirst of knowledge!") and instead focus on what others would benefit from (
  8. If you're looking for general advice, in the personal statements forum there is topic pinned to the top called "Personal Statement Advice from Ask a PA Admissions Director" Here's what I did for my PS: 1. Researched lot of PS. read many on the forum, looked in reference books at the library, etc. I was looking for inspiration, what styles I liked, and what I thought made a successful PS. 2. Go to this website! http://www.mcw.edu/Medical-School/Current-Students/Academic-Support-Services/Sample-Personal-Statements.htm It has some really great PS (#13 has my fav intro) 3. I quickly wrote
  9. Pls help, need feedback would be great! Thanks! Sam’s beeper fervently went off reading the message: 64 y.o.m. with hypertension at 202/90, pls come see pt. A subtle smile masked by a stern look appeared on my face, “going to our first call Sam?” I asked with a disciplined tone trying to hide my excitement. A grin appeared on his face, confirmed with a head nod to answer the obviously enthused question, “yup you got it,” said grinned Sam. We rushed two flights of stairs to the orthopedic floor to a group of nurses concerned about the patient being paged. I stood silently, yet attentively next
  10. No problem! Let me know if you ave other drafts that you'd like me to check out. I'd be more than happy to do so
  11. I've been getting a fair amount of questions lately. Just to clarify: YES. I will help you with your personal statement. No need to ask! No I wasn't an english major, and nor have I been on an ad comm or anything (hopefully I will be one day in the future). I am simply a PA-S with UNTHSC class of 2018 (woot!), and I have no problem reaching out to PA hopefuls and future colleagues. Plus I'm a total nerd and don't mind doing this type of thing. Please note: I will give honest criticism. It may come across as harsh or brutal, but my intention is not to insult anyone. I will reply fairly
  12. My life began in Caracas, Venezuela at the Metropolitana Hospital and it almost ended there. My life almost ended exactly where it began - in a hositpal in Caracas, Venezuela. From the day I was born, most of my time was spent within the cold walls of a hospital room, . It took undergoing multiple tests to figure out what was wrong with me: discern why I would not eat and why I was always sick. Intravenous fluids were the only things keeping me alive. (how long were you on IVFs? was Grandma feeding you while you were in the hospital? or is the bathtub filled with flour only came into play afte
  13. My life has been an array of challenges, self-development, and upmost extreme happiness. (This opening sentence is vague and unmemorable - could apply to anyone.) As a freshman at the University of South Florida I was not yet certain on my final career path, eighteen years of age I was not passionate about many long-term goals. I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, as I am very intrigued with the social aspects of the human mind. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary social sciences, I felt I needed to continue my education immediately. I jumped i
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