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  1. So my university has an OT masters program that if I commit to, I will begin junior year of my undergrad with the OT specific courses. I have to make this decision as I either will begin the OT route, or stay in my current major (Public Health) and continue to get the pre reqs needed for PA, then apply to PA school once I graduate.
  2. Hi, Looking for anyone with knowledge on occupational therapy and that field of work! I am currently struggling pick a focus for how to pursue my master's degree. I originally planned on becoming a PA, but have been very discouraged as to amount of PCE hours and gap year(s) I'd have to take in order to do so. I am considering switching my global public health major to OT, and begin an accelerated program to get my masters at my current university. This is a big commitment and I can't change my mind as the process would begin this fall. Is OT a dying field? I've heard it's becoming similar to PT in the sense jobs are hard to come by, and sometimes the pay isn't worth the debt. It at the moment seems much better than PA to me, but I don't want to get stuck on a pathway I can't get out of. Any advice helps, Thanks.
  3. That makes sense. It's surely a profession worth pursuing, just seems a bit difficult trying to transition straight from a bachelor's program instead of a medical profession. I'm not sure where to start to gain that valuable experience. I'll look more into MA and scribe positions due to the training. Thanks for your input!
  4. Hi! I'm new to this forum and desperately need the help of people who has knowledge of what it takes to become a PA! I'm a current undergrad student, a sophomore majoring in Global Public Health with a possible minor in Biology. I'm on the road to obtaining all my prerequisites, but I'm really struggling with the patient care experience hours needed. Most schools I'm viewing need 1,000 plus hours which seems insane to me. I feel like most of the jobs acceptable for direct patient care contact are things that need even more schooling, such as an MA or EMT. I've applied many places to become a Medical Scribe, or PT Aide but haven't heard back. Am I doomed to take a gap year after I get my bachelor's? I don't know how to get the needed experience without prior experience. I wrote on all my applications I'm open to complete volunteer work but still nothing. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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