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Do an EM bootcamp CME (either on location or online) or something similar.  See your other post.  Make sure that you've got all the business details squared away in addition to the practice of medicine!  As I've posted about in another thread, there is one nearby who wants me to work for them and the lack of details forthcoming from them has been shocking, IMO.  In many instances I think we're so hungry to get into the position that we fail to consider some of the long-term implications.  Case in point, I finally was able to receive written feedback from one of the primaries for this position that he would allow modification of the notice of termination to 60 days from 90 days (part-time).  Salary is firm and they insist that everyone will be a 1099Misc "employee" (hope that they have a good tax attorney should the IRS ever come calling).  One advantage to such a scenario, if done correctly, is that YOU are now in control of all your own benefits (you select your retirement plan, health/dental/vision insurance if needed, CME costs, etc.).  I would like to meet the other PA's that they apparently have on board to see just how knowledgeable they are with regard to how such a process actually works.  I would say that many aren't (this forum is not a good cross-section due to the wealth of information available).

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