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  1. I need all the help I can get... going from family practice to urgent care. Books/ CME's/ useful apps/ procedure training or is that all on-the-job? THANK YOU!
  2. Hello my dear EM/UC friends. I will be going from a very slow family practice to a very fast-paced urgent care center. I am a new (1.5 years in) PA and know I have a lot to learn! Any tips or apps/book/CME's that I can read/take/memorize while waiting for my TX state license to go through... I know I need to freshen up on reading EKG's/ X-rays and of course, procedures as we haven't had much of that here... Anyone go from family practice to Urgent Care? Thanks for your help! Jenni
  3. Thanks! Yeah the patient satisfaction thing is gonna kill us all in urgent care , it seems! Let food be thy medicine
  4. Thanks for the info!! What kind of rumors about how they treat their staff? Although I won't base my decision off of rumors that may be good to know. Let food be thy medicine
  5. I posted this on the TX forum, but thought Id try here too. Getting ready to interview for an Urgent Care position tomorrow on phone (and hopefully they will call me in for a face-to-face). I currently have about 1.5 years experience in family practice. This position would require me to relocate which I am ok with because I have been looking in my current location for the past 6 months without any luck. So, my question is... what questions can I ask as a PA going from family practice to Urgent care? The practice I work for now is painstakingly slow business-wise. Also, is it appropriate (o
  6. Hey guys! I currently practice in North Carolina (and some of you may remember me complaining a while back about my unhappiness with my current job). Anyway, I am interviewing for a job at CareNow Urgent Care in Dallas Fort Worth (yup, finally got the balls to move and the fiancé's approval, too). Wondering if any of you have any experience with working for Carenow/ urgent care in general/ or live/work around the DFW area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ---- Especially what kind of questions to ask at the official interview? I have almost 1.5 years in family practice. Wha
  7. I'm an idiot. I saw the stipend but for some reason was thinking of tuition. Thank you so much I think I'm going to apply!!! Let food be thy medicine
  8. Oh I did not !!! I saw MD Anderson and assumed it was the website. Thank you so much I will definitely look into it! Let food be thy medicine
  9. Thank you everyone!!! I have looked into Md Anderson and can only hope to one day get a job there... I have also looked into others Peds onc hospitals. I do need a little bit more Peds acute care experience but I am hoping to move close to one of those hospitals that I may be able to moonlight or even volunteer at to get my foot in the door. I have been taking the online oncology courses with MD Anderson. I am lucky my fiancé is very supportive and told me to "look anywhere I want" because he said I worked too hard to not be happy in my job. So thank you all for your words... It means so much!
  10. Thank you all. I actually still consider myself young (28) and have been a PA for less than 2 years. I love where I live and my fiancé loves his job... But he is willing to move wherever I want because he can do what he does anywhere and he sees how unhappy I am. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE being a PA just not where I am! I volunteer in Peds and that's when I am most happy. I am happy in all other aspects of my life... Just at the end of the work week I let all the stress build up. I have begun to apply to other places to get my foot in the door of Peds so thank you so much for all your kind
  11. Thank you very kindly! I just have to take that leap, which I am working on! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Of my purpose as a PA. I feel like I need to do MORE, that I need to make a difference. I know I'll never "change the world" but I want to touch people more than I am. I need to chase my dreams of working in Peds oncology but I just don't know where to start! Outpatient Peds perhaps? Anyone ever had to "take a leap of faith" when changing jobs/ specialties, etc? Anyone have to change states... Maybe even move across the US to chase your dream? Anyone ever hate your job as a PA and know that the specialty you are in is so WRONG because you are just not IN it? I need to be passionate about
  13. Nice. Not a navy PA, but currently practicing in Jax, right outside base. Possibly looking to get on base in the next 6 months.... Not a fan of Jacksonville, but live right outside in a small beach town and love it. Let food be thy medicine
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