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Hello my dear EM/UC friends.


I will be going from a very slow family practice to a very fast-paced urgent care center. I am a new (1.5 years in) PA and know I have a lot to learn! Any tips or apps/book/CME's that I can read/take/memorize while waiting for my TX state license to go through... I know I need to freshen up on reading EKG's/ X-rays and of course, procedures as we haven't had much of that here...


Anyone go from family practice to Urgent Care?


Thanks for your help!





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Several ? for you:

What xrays will you be able to do at this place? Can you do labs and what is the turnaround on them?

What procedures will you be responsible for?

For EKGs, I think Jeff Tabas gives a great lecture, you can find him by googling. There are several lectures available from him, you may be able to find some free ones to view.

While I think pt care should be individualized, I also think you should know in advance what you are going to do most of the time for specific complaints ie uti gets 3-5 days of cipro or bactrim along with pyridium. So already having an advance plan for the most common complaints you will see is helpful for throughput.

One thing I never see individuals ask about for the new job is what are you going to use for documentation? Any advance training you can get on an EMR and gaining familiarity quickly is only going to help you in a fast paced environment.

Good luck.

George Brothers PA-C

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Is there much difference between editions of Minor Emergencies?

Newest edition is best. This book has gone through a few changes. One author dropped out, the new author is an MD in VT, sharp guy, I have heard him speak, when I peruse this text, his author and editorial prescence has greatly improved it IMO.

G Brothers PA-C

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