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  1. Let’s all start going by the name Physician Associate NOT Assistant :) And Independent practitioners!
  2. Impressive! One of the best thus far!! And this coming from and written by an MD!!
  3. Very sad. Not surprised. We’re all MLP( mid level provider); a connotation that I can’t stand. Classic politics in medicine on display. One ‘s years in the field doesn’t matter as long as you’ve the PA credential behind your name. We’re never credited for our work. You will never get the praises for your skills or hard work. They gets the praises and glory. Good job for sticking to your gun!
  4. Maybe the program doesn’t have a need to your specific area or in general. To set your foot in the door, I would consider precepting student first.
  5. Invest your time to teach future PA. We’re been out numbered by NP and you’re enhancing their effort by your decision to teach.
  6. I Wish the MCAT requirement were truly waves without exception.
  7. Careful here. Not sure if this is the whole story. It’s easier to pint finger. Have you worked in primary care? Was there anything on exam that could have warranted imaging or a referral to neurosurgery? The patients insurance carrier that could have made it difficult for quick access to a specialist? Just thinking out loud here.
  8. You need to relax. You’re all over the place. Don’t expect someone to hold your hands. You will learn as you go. Stop listening to others. Figure it out yourself. You’re now a medical professional. Pain mgmt is a huge component of spine surgery. So prepare to deal with it. You sign up for the job. CME! CME!! This is coming from a formal neurospine PA. Just my 0.2cents.
  9. Wonderful! Will distribute this among our almost 25 + doc in our group. The story need to be told. More of this is needed.
  10. Husband & wife = A red flag. Agreed. Shadow first before you commit. Expand your horizon. Jobs closer to the city are crappy. Have you consider moving upstate? PM me if you want.
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