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Low starting salary, how to ask for raise

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I'm a PA in WI working in neurology.  I started at my job right after graduating with an initial salary of $72,800 with "productivity bonuses." Although the salary seemed low, I assumed that it was because the bonuses made up for it. Plus, I didn't feel like I had much bargaining power being a new grad. After a year of taking on my own patients and getting a full schedule, I only received the standard 3% raise, putting me at 75000. My manager at the time was extremely intimidating and I didn't push things too hard. Luckily we have a new manager who is very nice and accomodating. 


Now, the productivity bonuses are basically a sham as it is nearly impossible to get even close to where you need to be to start being eligible for a bonus. I work in a lower income area, so no shows and noncompliance are common, also affecting my RVUs. Since the 3% raise in July, I have started becoming an almost independent provider, seeing my own consults and managing my own patients with little oversight needed from my SP.  I do not feel that I am getting compensated for what I am putting out, especially when looking at salary reports. I would really like to be at 80K or above, especially because my loans are in the 6 digits. 


Annual reviews aren't until next July, but I want to get as information together as I can to be prepared. Are there any other neurology PAs out there who can comment on their salary? My concern is that because I work for a large nonprofit health group with multiple hospitals and locations, that no matter how amazing I do, they won't be willing to negotiate. Any tips or advice? I love my job and the people I work with and it's not worth it to me to look elsewhere for more money and potentially give up a great environment where I enjoy being at work, but it's hard to stay motivated when we're not compensated well. 


Thanks everyone!

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And to add, we do not get any holiday bonuses or any other compensation. Just the productivity bonus, which is literally impossible to attain with how our schedules are set up. 

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