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  1. I'd mostly be doing cross coverage and only admitting when they "are desperate." I want to do any procedures that come with that but not exactly sure on the opportunities. I do not have any health care experience. The onboarding process would be about 4 months total. 3 months working with providers in the day then 1 month training with the night team. I would be shuffled around between all of the providers for this process. Support afterwards would be my coworkers at night. I requested a shadow day with the night shift providers and will be doing that next week.
  2. Hello, I'm a new grad PA (started the program right out of high school) who just received a job offer for a hospitalist position with the details here: 40 hour week. Five 8 hr shifts a week. Overnight from Sun- Thurs 11pm-7am. $85,000 base pay $15,000 for overnight annual bonus. Would be taken away if I switched to days. 4 weeks PTO 1 sick week 1 week CME and $1500 Paid DEA liscense. I'm curious if I should ask for more base pay. Any opinions? Thanks!
  3. Phil, Bill, and everyone else, I was accepted :) Very excited!! Thanks for all of the help that you and everyone else posted on this site. It was great going into interview day with the knowledge you all shared!
  4. It was a mix of students! In fact there were very few freshmen applicants. I was a little surprised at the ratio. I heard one current PA student at D'Youville say that there were only 8 freshmen in his class of 40, and a female student who recently graduated said there were even less than that in her class. I think it went well. I was interviewed with four other high school seniors. They did well too. D'Youville will have some tough decisions to make. Our interviewers said they would notify us within four weeks, but all the current PA students I spoke to there said they were notified
  5. Phil, Thanks for your offer! I will take you up on that if I have any questions. I am not really sure what they will do with me if I am accepted. My plan is to take it one step at a time, starting with this interview! - haha. I do have a fair amount of credits from community colleges in our area including many of the requirements. I wonder if it will be only be freshmen interviewing on Saturday because nobody on this site seems to be aware of that date. Thanks again!
  6. Phil, You've written some really helpful information on this forum. I will be interviewing this Saturday (Dec 5th). I am a senior in high school so I will be applying as a freshmen. However, I do have a lot of college credits so there is a chance I will be moved up to 2019 or may have to wait a year to start if they accept me! It'll be a while before I hear if I am accepted or not... And if so, 2019 may be filled up! But either way, Saturday should be quite the experience. Thanks for your info!
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