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MIAMI AREA attorney/lawyer to review contract for less than $600

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I feel silly responding to this almost 3 mos later, but nobody else has, soooo...here goes...

Google 'Healthcare contract lawyer Fl'. This will lead you to a number of lawyers who are licensed in FL (they might live in NY, but be licensed in FL, NY, IA, & MI for example). You can then peruse the sites & contact (email) those that appeal to you.


I did this before & was surprised at the response I got. 2 of the 4 that I was most interested in told me they charge PAs & NPs the "Resident" rate ($300 & $400 respectively...both out of state, but had references from my state, if desired). The one I liked best was near my home, but was also more expensive $600 (more if I wanted him to negotiate 'personally' on my behalf, but he didn't think that was necessary, said he writes everything up & when presented to employer usually wasn't a problem). This fee also included follow up calls & questions (w appropriate limitations).


If only I had hired one of them... If I EVER even think about working in private practice again - $ for a contract lawyer will be the least of my worries.

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