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I am currently in the process of getting my undergraduate. I plan to major in Psychology & minor in Biology, meeting all the prerequisites for PA school. I'm trying to decide on the best schools to apply for based on my background. So, I'm wondering which PA schools are particularly interested in Psych majors? Even prefer an emphasis in Psychology?

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Schools don't care what your major is. Seriously. I was an Art History major. What does matter:

  • Your science GPA
  • Your cumulative GPA
  • That you've taken all of the pre-reqs
  • Your clinical experiences (assuming that PCE is required)
  • Great letters of recommendation
  • Thoughtful essays and a well written personal statement

I would focus on finding schools that YOU are excited about and that you feel would be a good fit for YOUR interests and background and worry less about schools that like psychology majors because there really isn't one. You can certainly write/talk about how you plan to use your background in psych as a PA though.

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