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Found 1 result

  1. I'm 26 and currently have the prerequisites needed for an associates in nursing. I got into a program and realized I wanted a higher level of education with more involvement in medicine. So now I have no associates but rather large amounts of college credits with a four year gap since taking my prerequisites. Aside from leaving the program in 2014 I had not taken anymore prereqs since 2013. During my freshman year of college I was back and forth about career paths and did not apply myself the best I could of at that time. When sophomore year came around I was ready with a new mindset but life had other plans. I was born birth defect called gastroschisis where the intestines are on the outer abdominal wall, it was all repaired at birth and luckily I had no deficits or gastrointestinal issues until my sophomore year in college where I ended up having four major abdominal surgeries. I had already enrolled in my courses and was mid-way through. It was hard and I continued to push through as quitting wasn't an option in my book. Needless to say my grades weren't stellar, I got a C in English, and mirco. I was already on a wait list for nursing school but was taking the prereqs I needed for the BSN to get ahead start. I then got into the program and decided not to continue after a semester in. Like I said I wanted something more. I was in a funk after that and felt lost as I thought nursing would be my path. I picked up my life and moved to SATX with a new mindset and more stable life in general. Fast forward to the middle of last year where I started to retake the core science glasses that I got B's in. I have retaken A&P 2401 and 2402 with an A in both and I'm currently retaking that micro for a higher grade. Would anyone recommend retaking the English as well as a higher math? Or, should I continue on an uphill trend for my bachelors in psych (as well as add multiple higher level science classes; o chem, psychs etc.) As far as patient care hours I have been a CNA since 2009. Before moving from AZ I worked in a level one trauma center in the pediatric and adult burn unit for three years. I currently work in an ER and have multiple doctors and one professor thus far that are willing to write letters of recommendation. Becoming a PA is what I was meant to do, the passion runs deep and I'm confident I can show an upward trend from my grades here on out. I also plan on shadowing multiple PA's (15+). Any advice or critique would be great.
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