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2021 - 2022 Cycle

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I submitted on 5/19 and got verified on 5/20. Then received the generic email that they received my application on 5/21. I also set up an applicant account using the link in the email (online.midwestern.edu) so I can track the status of my application. Good luck everyone! 

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14 hours ago, nuclearpineapple said:

Would people be comfortable posting their stats in this thread? I can start 😅

Overall: 3.57

Science: 3.43

B.A. in Biochemistry

PCE: ~4,000 as scribe/MA

Volunteer: ~100 hours

Overall: 3.27

Science: 3.19

PCE: ~7500 hrs (MA, PT Aide, Phleb, EEG Tech)

Volunteer: ~500 hrs

GRE: 305 (153 verbal, 152 quant, 5.5 writing) 

Shadowing: ~180 hrs

Submitted 5/4 and verified on 5/5. 

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22 hours ago, dnuggett said:

Can anyone advise on the stats for the GRE scores for this program? That's the weakest point of my application and I can't gauge how much it effects your chance at an interview.

They review applications holistically, so I wouldn’t be too worried about your score if the rest of your application is relatively strong. 

I did find data on the class that matriculated last year:

  • Mean Overall GPA: 3.73
  • Mean Science GPA: 3.69
  • Mean GRE Percentiles: Verbal 66, Quantitative 59, Analytical 72
  • Class Size: 86
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