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  1. Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats how you received the invite? Was it via email?
  2. I do believe it was to get in the 50th percentile, but I think programs are shifting this requirement
  3. I applied around this time last cycle, and I was still offered an interview, but was placed on the alternate list. Best of luck!
  4. How was the interview process? Is it just MMI? Is there an essay portion? Thank you!
  5. Hi! Has anyone heard anything back from the school yet? Either and interview or rejection? Bc I haven't heard anything
  6. I actually did end up receiving an additional email later this afternoon with more details
  7. Hi! Same, I got that email this morning but I haven’t received a separate email, just the interview invitation last week.
  8. Has anyone who has had an interview so far heard back from the program? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I would say go for it if you can afford it financially and if you truly are passionate about the school and their mission. I applied two weeks before the cycle closed last year for 2 of my top schools of choice, and I ended up interviewing at each of them; although I got waitlisted and not accepted, I thought it was worth it because I feel much more prepared this time around! Best of luck this cycle
  10. Hi, yes! This is my second time applying, I was rejected last cycle. GPA: 3.8 science GPA: 3.63 PCE: 1500 and counting ~ 800 hours of shadowing doctors and PAs ~ 2000 of volunteer/ community service 312 GRE and I also had a retail job, tutoring job, and ran/currently run my own small business!
  11. I believe they stopped interviewing at the start of January. That's what I was told for my MWU interview in Glendale.
  12. yes! I got the same email and I felt the same way
  13. Has anyone heard back from the 10/05 interview date? I saw a few people were accepted (congratulation btw!!) but did anyone get rejected or waitlisted from this day? I still haven't heard back
  14. I did not have troubles, I scheduled it right as I got the email because this application process has me checking my email every 5 minutes lol. Did you end getting it scheduled, if so for what day?
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