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  1. I believe they stopped interviewing at the start of January. That's what I was told for my MWU interview in Glendale.
  2. yes! I got the same email and I felt the same way
  3. Has anyone heard back from the 10/05 interview date? I saw a few people were accepted (congratulation btw!!) but did anyone get rejected or waitlisted from this day? I still haven't heard back
  4. I did not have troubles, I scheduled it right as I got the email because this application process has me checking my email every 5 minutes lol. Did you end getting it scheduled, if so for what day?
  5. I could've selected an interview date for this TH or friday, and I picked friday. I applied very late in the cycle too, so I'm grateful for this possible opportunity!
  6. that's what I'm assuming... they said to anticipate on hearing back before thanksgiving, and it's almost thanksgiving. I saw that some people heard back who were accepted already from that interview day, and I also heard that schools generally send their rejection letters at the same time so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself lol. But I'm also trying to remain optimistic at the same time!
  7. Anyone else not hear back from a 10/5 interview?
  8. I interviewed 10/5 and haven't heard anything yet. I believe they said anticipate hearing back some time mid November
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