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  1. Anyone know about the waitlist to interview? I was put on it and I was waitlisted at another school last cycle and never got off. I know it's a stretch but I was hoping someone had something positive to say about it! Good luck to everyone
  2. I was placed on the interview waitlist last year! May I ask what your timeline was?
  3. I hope you find the perfect school for you! Good luck and don't give up, I am a second time applicant so I know exactly how it feels. Don't be discouraged and keep pushing through! Do u mind if I ask about your timeline?
  4. I really appreciate that! Makes me feel better! Thank youGood luck to everyone! I know this is such a stressful process but I am glad we have one another to encourage!
  5. It was personalized! You can email lori.kazaks@marquette.edu she was kind enough to give me an update!
  6. update: I received an email saying they received my scores
  7. i sent them an email awhile ago and they said theyll update us when they received our results but i havent gotten an email yet, I think i might email them again to check
  8. hey! so i took it and submitted and also emailed them. rush said that they will not consider it for this cycle but it will help them with data for the future!
  9. Hi everyone! I applied 5/21 and was verified today 5/24! Wishing you all the best of luck this cycle
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