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I'm a new grad with an urgent care offer. The practice is located in a midwest suburb. The position is solo provider, 12 hour shifts and every other weekend with up to 3 holidays per year. Call is required. There is X-ray and labs on site with remote access to radiologist and remote access to an attending physician for questions. There is a 2 week paid training period that they said could be extended if I don't feel comfortable after 2 weeks. 

It is a 1 year contract, Salary is 85,000 base + 5,000 in quarterly bonuses. 2 weeks vacation accrued per year, 1 week sick/personal accrued  per year. $2000 CME per year

One question I have for you all, is a 1 year contract the norm? if not, what is? As a new grad I'm a bit concerned about the 2 week training period and remote supervision. Any input would be appreciated! Thank you in advance. 

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That's a no go as a new grad. Not safe. Solo anything as a fresh graduate is asking for serious trouble for you and your patients, and the fact that the organization would be willing to put you in that role is terrifying and shows you their integrity and commitment to both your and the patient's safety.

Run don't walk.

Edit: A year long contract is appropriate

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As above, RUN.

2 week training for a new grad to be practicing solo?  With no onsite SP?  Full stop - that's all bad.  You're setting yourself up for problems or at the very least burnout.

Separately, the salary is also abysmal.  1 year contract is fine but I wouldn't sign this one for anything.

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I'm sure this is a tempting offer for you with school loans and all but solo is a big no.  Just to risky.  

Secondly it amazes me that urgent care just don't seem to care about risk management and malpractice.  It boggles my mind and I'm so grateful I'm out.

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