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  1. I'm in the Midwest but graduated in December and still looking. I'm having the same issue with jobs telling me I need experience. I've had a few interviews that didn't amount to anything. It's getting very discouraging.
  2. I'm a new grad with an urgent care offer. The practice is located in a midwest suburb. The position is solo provider, 12 hour shifts and every other weekend with up to 3 holidays per year. Call is required. There is X-ray and labs on site with remote access to radiologist and remote access to an attending physician for questions. There is a 2 week paid training period that they said could be extended if I don't feel comfortable after 2 weeks. It is a 1 year contract, Salary is 85,000 base + 5,000 in quarterly bonuses. 2 weeks vacation accrued per year, 1 week sick/personal accrued per y
  3. Hi, I'm a new grad applying for my MI state license. I was just wondering how to go about doing the "one time training in opioids and controlled substances awareness" course. Is there one course in particular I need to take? Thanks in advance!
  4. I would submit as soon as you can. If you wait until September, a lot of schools with rolling deadlines will already be a couple months into applications which can harm your chances of getting an interview at those schools. Also, the experience you gain in those few months most likely won't make a big enough impact on your application to be worth submitting late. That being said, are you applying to schools that will accept only the medical scribe hours?
  5. I currently have a MacBook Pro that's about 4 years old and I'm starting PA school in the fall. I'd like to get an iPad for notes, but I'm also worried about my MacBook getting close to the end of its life and would hate to have to buy a new laptop in addition to an iPad. Any advice? Would I be able to get by with an iPad and older laptop?
  6. Accepted from the 10/5 interview!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Waitlisted at Glenside from the 9/20 interview. They sent it to my old address even though I updated it as well, but Corrine emailed me my letter. Congrats to everyone accepted!
  8. Still haven't heard back from Glenside interview 9/20 but I'm in Michigan.. Are they being sent to permanent addresses?
  9. Just got the email that my application is under review. Anyone know how long it will take to hear back after that?
  10. Would you mind sharing your stats? Just wondering how good of a chance I have of getting an interview off the wait list!
  11. Got an email that I was waitlisted for an interview this morning. Has anyone been rejected? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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