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Low gpa undergrad

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Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place I'm new here.

Hi, I need some advice! I already know I am not a traditional pre-pa student. Here are my stats:


Biology of Cells - C

A&P 1 - C

A&P 2 - C

Micro - C

Genetics - C

2020 (Spring, Summer, Fall):

Gen Chem 1 - B

Gen Chem 2 - A

Organic Chem - B

Organic Chem Lab - A


Spring 2020 GPA: 3.75

Summer 2020 GPA: 3.67

Fall 2020 GPA: 3.75 

Compared to previous semesters an upward trend is definitely happening. It’s just I feel like it’s to late for that to count for much.


2021 Spring: 

BioChem - TBD

Physics 2 - TBD 


sGPA = 2.53 

cGPA = 3.26


I already know that I have to do a post-bac, most likely a diy depending on how high I can get my gpa before graduation.

The question is should I retake 1-2 classes I originally got a C in before I graduate? Or should I take classes like Organic Chem 2, Essential Physiology (Bio class), etc? I know that when doing my post-bac I will retake classes that I got a C in. So would it be a better decision to take upper-level classes before I graduate & retake lower-lever at my local community college? I could also retake classes from the college I’m graduating from its just more expensive.


Other stats:

SpnGPA: 3.8 - Major

PsyGPA: 3.8 - Minor

Thanks for any help!

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As @UGoLongstated it does not matter the order you took the class for me it was all about the expiration limits (and I also had a less competitive GPA so the upward trend helped). 

My process was:

Started off with A&P and Microbiology. Those usually had the shortest expiration limits. From there, I decided to proceed with applying then  decide between Gen Bio or Gen Chem to repeat and narrow the schools to apply to from there. I decided to do gen Bio first because it had the most positive professor review for the evening classes (and I was working full time as an MA for my PCE). However, if you feel you need a gen biology refresher before going into A&P and Microbiology so you have a good foundation you should do that first. Although going from lower to upper takes more time I find it helps build a foundation to help you succeed. 

When you apply definitely look into programs, that factor in holistic applications. Alternatively, look into programs who take community courses vs university course or lower vs upper level requirements etc. 

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Hi, speaking from experience, its not worth it to retake a class you received a C in. Its way more stress than its worth, I did it this semester and it ended up being a total waste of money because for it to mean anything you NEED an A. I would say retake anything below a C, if you dont have any I would look into a masters. There are a bunch you can get online, not only will this boost your GPA but it will also show your improvement as a student and your ability to take masters level courses! Hope this helps!

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