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Loans after PA school

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Hello all,

Just wondering which private loan programs you would recommend for post PA school spendings (ie. state licensing, DEA, etc.). Some/many would recommend to wait for the possibility of an employer to pay for the DEA license; but, I'm also considering fellowship programs that require me to have my own DEA license. So, I'm in a pickle and unfortunately need to borrow extra money. I appreciate the advice! Thank you. 

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I would recommend companies such as Grub Hub and Uber.They have this fantastic program where you work for money without the requirement of paying them money back in the future. I'm assuming you have some time until you start working. State licenses are generally about 150 dollars, DEA is $740, so we are talking about $1000, you should be able to make that delivering pizzas.  Time to stop living off loans, take debt off the table and pay off your student loans.

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Going off the tough love speech above. If you’re in a situation where you could do part time work, I would try to go down that route. Most pre-graduation PA’s these days know they’ll be waiting a few months to credential and license ect ect, so they take out loans  to support living cost ect ect through their school loans. However, I know a few who have returned to their healthcare jobs (mostly CNA), to make a few extra bucks. There are so many sources for loans and competitive interest rates but If it’s mainly for your DEA license, I think you could end up saving yourself some future stress. 

Also depending on your fellowships, some will pay for your licensure.

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