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  1. Some clinics have their own pharmacy. How about that? Still a conflict of interest?
  2. 1. pharm reps 2. teaching 3. PA school administration 4. Practice manager 5. Small practice rural area PA
  3. 1. obese patients with bad odor. Had a female patient yesterday. Oh boy! glad I don't do gyn. 2. patients demanding narcotics 3. new patients who say... "can I have a card with your name?" when they don't get the meds they demand.
  4. Go for the derm opportunity, learn whatever you can, become a great derm PA and move to a better place. No reason to start in FM if you heart is not there. Happiness happens when you know what you want and go for it!
  5. who told patients I care if they take their business somewhere else just because I refuse to prescribe the narcotics they demand? "I'm thinking about going somewhere else because you are not helping me!"
  6. oh and who told patients that I should prescribe Xanax 2mg TID just because his other doctor did??
  7. Who told patients that I should know the med they are on based on the color and shape of the pill?? "I'm taking a green round pill." I'm good but not that good!
  8. who does this? probably the practice manager? https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/patient-slams-unprofessional-sign-claiming-doctor-quit-practice-female-nurse-practitioner-171158059.html
  9. Perhaps a sabbatical would be a good idea. Take a break, give yourself some good time to figure out what you want to do next before making your resume even longer.
  10. it can actually make the PA-patient interaction more effective. Think about this... People respond better when they can relate to you on a more personal level.
  11. Congratulations on all you have accomplished. You have everything to be successful as a PA!! About your current situation... Second everything already said above. Also... if you don't have one yet, see a therapist, a good one. It helps. Good luck on your career!
  12. How many credits can you get for precepting students? I'm interested in doing this.
  13. go to graduate school and get A's only. PA school only cares about grades. some schools do not require health care experience. If your school does, I think paramedic/EMT is a better choice. good luck!
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