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  1. One time I saw this posting for a NP position at a large hospital system. I called the HR and asked if the job was only for NPs. They explained that the job posting listed NPs because it was computer generated but it wasn't meant for NPs only, that PAs were welcome to apply.
  2. the best book for FM https://www.amazon.com/Graber-Wilburs-Family-Medicine-Examination/dp/1260441075/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1TKS45GKUFYI2&dchild=1&keywords=family+medicine+board+review&qid=1610454356&sprefix=family+med%2Caps%2C180&sr=8-1
  3. Interesting comments from physicians on this article https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/940536?src=WNL_infoc_201202_MSCPEDIT_PAindependence&uac=322253AK&impID=2712115&faf=1 Are we ready to become independent?
  4. I recommend Dave Ramsey program. Every time I think about borrowing money to afford something I watch one of his videos.
  5. I found this online, unsure about date. I thought I would post this here since it's a good piece! P.S.: If posted here before, please feel free to delete post.
  6. Also interested. From what I hear $1-2K/month seems right. How would you CP be covered by insurance? Would you pay for that?
  7. Not currently looking for a job but I'm always looking what has been offered nationwide. Came up with this today. Is this even serious in terms of salary? Hope it was a "typo" LPN in my organization is making more than this.
  8. Some organizations send an email to your references with a rating system. However you can always include a reference letter when applying for jobs. One of the jobs I applied after graduation called me for an interview because they knew (and respected) the PA who wrote one of my recommendation letters. So you never know. I heard once that writing "references available upon request" is a no no.... kind of stating the obvious. I would not include that. As a preceptor, I would prefer to write the letter instead of having the students drafting them. But this is me.
  9. I guess this changes from organization to organization. The PA where I did my surgery rotation only performed first assist duties.
  10. Go to SURGERY. The least autonomous specialty if any autonomy at all.
  11. All new patients, adult/addiction medicine. The visit consists of evaluation, ordering standing tests, starting meds. No follow ups. Patients would see the docs after that. All level 5, I'm assuming.
  12. A position for 4 H&Ps scheduled per day, 1 patient q 2 h, 5 days/week. Not sure about show rate. Enough to justify $100k/year + good benefits?
  13. no salary cut here but $$ and days off for cme are gone. Why don't you ask them about their plan in terms of having your pay back to normal? I think this is a fair question.
  14. agree with cideous. if not done yet, attend and complete an IOP program and keep the records.
  15. Have you ever been exposed to a patient with COVID19 without knowing? If yes, what is your organization guidelines in cases like this?
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