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  1. no salary cut here but $$ and days off for cme are gone. Why don't you ask them about their plan in terms of having your pay back to normal? I think this is a fair question.
  2. agree with cideous. if not done yet, attend and complete an IOP program and keep the records.
  3. Have you ever been exposed to a patient with COVID19 without knowing? If yes, what is your organization guidelines in cases like this?
  4. one of the best ways to stand out and make our profession well known by the population is to become the ones who can meet people's needs. Perhaps if we had primary care clinics ran by PAs, offering great services for great cost, community's recognition would follow.
  5. Due to obvious reasons, I don't believe China's curve.
  6. it would be great! too many unnecessary ED visits, a financial burden.
  7. My organization is talking about deployment, any time we can receive an email. It feels like military draft. Stressful!
  8. At this point we should assume everyone has covid-19 until proven not infected. My organization does not allow us to use masks unless we suspect the patient is + for it. In my opinion, we all should be wearing masks when treating patients. Am I wrong? Thoughts?
  9. Do you fear losing your job due to COVID-19 crisis?
  10. meanwhile my purell was stolen from my office overnight. End of the time, end of the time.
  11. For the general population, health care is mostly related to physicians and nurses. PAs have no identity in this field. Hard to stand out when you have no identity.
  12. One of my instructors once said "Fake it until you make it." That's how I survived my first year after graduation.
  13. Did you ask your CP about this? Your CP should be a valuable resource in situations like this, esp. for a new grad.
  14. my class had 5 students 40 y/o +; they are all practicing medicine now
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