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  1. Agree. I gave up nursing school after orientation because of their culture. PAs tend to be a lot more friendly and willing to help new grads. The only PA who I know who is not like that used to be a nurse in the past.
  2. What looks like a physician, diagnoses and treats illness like a physician but isn't a physician? BTW... great study! Thanks for sharing.
  3. One of the good things about being a PA is the ability to change specialties without going back to school. Curious to know how often during your career you have changed your specialty. Also wondering if there is anyone out there who never did. Please share your experience. In my case, I have been doing the same thing since I graduated and don't really plan to change it. But sometimes I think what if.
  4. THIS ^. Not everybody get it. Now I'm working on house mortgage. 48K to go. Planning to do it within 2 years. Then BOOM! Financial freedom, baby!
  5. There are so many reasons why cannabis is a no no in my book: - We don't know enough about drug-thc interaction - I have seen too many young adults admitted for cannabis induced psychosis - I have seen too many patient with cannabis induced anxiety and depression. - I treat patients for addiction as a whole. If they have cannabis use disorder, we should address that too. Remember that people don't have opioid problem or alcohol problem or cannabis problems. They have ADDICTION problem and that's what we should be treating. - ...
  6. I made 100k after PA school. I paid 90K within 3 years by continuing to live in the same house, driving the same car (no car payment), cooking at home, and for the most part, buying only essentials. I didn't pay my loans sooner than that 'cause I spent some money on a few good vacations and have been contributing 10% to my 401k.
  7. One time I saw this posting for a NP position at a large hospital system. I called the HR and asked if the job was only for NPs. They explained that the job posting listed NPs because it was computer generated but it wasn't meant for NPs only, that PAs were welcome to apply.
  8. the best book for FM https://www.amazon.com/Graber-Wilburs-Family-Medicine-Examination/dp/1260441075/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1TKS45GKUFYI2&dchild=1&keywords=family+medicine+board+review&qid=1610454356&sprefix=family+med%2Caps%2C180&sr=8-1
  9. Interesting comments from physicians on this article https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/940536?src=WNL_infoc_201202_MSCPEDIT_PAindependence&uac=322253AK&impID=2712115&faf=1 Are we ready to become independent?
  10. I recommend Dave Ramsey program. Every time I think about borrowing money to afford something I watch one of his videos.
  11. I found this online, unsure about date. I thought I would post this here since it's a good piece! P.S.: If posted here before, please feel free to delete post.
  12. Also interested. From what I hear $1-2K/month seems right. How would you CP be covered by insurance? Would you pay for that?
  13. Not currently looking for a job but I'm always looking what has been offered nationwide. Came up with this today. Is this even serious in terms of salary? Hope it was a "typo" LPN in my organization is making more than this.
  14. Some organizations send an email to your references with a rating system. However you can always include a reference letter when applying for jobs. One of the jobs I applied after graduation called me for an interview because they knew (and respected) the PA who wrote one of my recommendation letters. So you never know. I heard once that writing "references available upon request" is a no no.... kind of stating the obvious. I would not include that. As a preceptor, I would prefer to write the letter instead of having the students drafting them. But this is me.
  15. I guess this changes from organization to organization. The PA where I did my surgery rotation only performed first assist duties.
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