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  1. BayPAC

    Why did you choose PA?

    Why did i choose PA? Genuine answer: because I wanted to make decent $$$... good thing that I ended up loving what I do!
  2. Death of Guatemalan toddler detained by ICE sparks $60 million legal claim Mariee visited the health clinic several times, medical records show, where she was seen on several occasions by physician assistants and a nurse, but she only saw an actual doctor once. "Frankly, to me, it was completely irresponsible," Yazmin told ABC News of her daughter's medical treatment at the Dilley facility. "I think they should think about the children. The children are little angels, and this is not their fault." https://www.yahoo.com/gma/death-guatemalan-toddler-detained-ice-sparks-60-million-100303038--abc-news-topstories.html What do you think about this? Only an actual doctor can provide better care or prevent someone from dying?
  3. I would have asked for retention rate instead of PANCE passing rate. Easy to to have PANCE passing rate >90% when the program dismisses everyone who is struggling. Higher retention + higher passing rate for pance = a program that helps students to succeed.
  4. different cases, different situations... some PAs that I know care about status... never happy because they can't run the show! No, going to med school is not always caring about status, but for some it could be.
  5. If you truly care for others, love medicine, don't care about status, are in your 30's or older, PA school is a good choice for you! You will do what you love and will be fairly compensated for it. If you are in your earlier 20's or care about status, go to med school.
  6. Patient diagnosed with melanoma, confirmed by biopsy, now needs to wait 3 weeks for surgery due to surgeon availability. Isn't 3 weeks too long?
  7. BayPAC

    My PA education

    I graduated not too long ago from XXXXX PA program; The experience was horrible; the didactic classes were taught by some instructors who were not very supportive of our profession. I did all my rotations at different locations, mostly small private practices where “my job” was to write HPIs and perform physical examination. During my clinical rotations, I had several online classes where I had to study about ethical issues in health care and health care regulations; nothing clinical. I hated those classes because all I wanted to study was medicine. In multiple occasions, I went 2-3 nights without sleeping so I could meet deadlines. Sometimes I thought the whole purpose of my school was to destroy me. But I’m kind of “cowboy;” it takes a lot to make me give up or fail. After graduation, I studied 6 weeks without any break; then I passed the pance comfortably. Today I work 40-45 hours per week. My CP likes to teach and I “take advantage” of him by asking all I can. Then I go home and study even more. My goal is to be as good as any great MD. And I’m getting there. One of my coworkers told me he heard my boss, a MD, saying that I’m one of the best PAs he has. It made me smile ? Proud to be a PA.
  8. I'm considering applying to a NP position but not sure if I should. Any advice? Have you ever applied to a NP position and ended up getting the job?
  9. as with all professions, the problem is with "some" of them. "On countless occasions," some of them have also helped a lot. In some occasions I have stopped meds following their recommendation. If they want my patients to stop a med for any reason, call me and I'll be happy to discuss the case, work as a team. Otherwise don't say anything!
  10. Pharmacists are really helpful but some of them are making my life difficult.... really! Case # 1 I prescribed buspirone for a 70 year old female who is already on Klonopin planning to decrease klonopin as buspirone is increased. She has been falling easily lately and we know benzos may increase fall risk in elderly patients. Patient leaves me a message later saying she would not take buspirone because the pharmacist told her there is an interaction between buspirone and klonopin. I called the pharmacist and she tells me "oh there is no interaction but they are both anxiolytics. No kidding!!! I explained my CLINICAL reasoning to the pharmacist... she said would call my patient back. Case # 2 Patient on trazodone 50mg from me and trileptal from neurologist. Patient on this combo for more than a year, doing well, no seizures, sleeping well. Patient coming to the office says she is now not sleeping well because she stopped trazodone 2 weeks ago; says pharmacist told her these two meds "cancel each other." Are you kidding me? Yes, trileptal decreases trazodone levels and trazodone may decrease seizure threshold, but so what??? She has been stable on these two meds for more than a year!! ... and they want to prescribe meds!
  11. BayPAC

    Have you considered Psychiatry???

    What's the salary range for PA's entering this field?
  12. ARC-PA "protects the interest of the public and physician assistant profession by defining the standards for the physician assistant education and evaluating physician assistant educational programs... to ensure their compliance with those standards." I'm assuming one of the standards would be to educate PA students on how to become a professional PA who is ready to enter the workforce after graduation. Perhaps I'm wrong but this is a basic standard for any profession/educational program.
  13. Many schools out there are letting students graduate with little preparation. Mine was one of them. Maybe that's why ARC-PA is shutting down several programs; after all, that's their job. While I understand your concern (by the way, a valid one), directing people to reveal their identity to you may prevent others from freely seeking help in one of the few outlets that could be used to support new grads, at least supporting with ideas, advice, etc. Perhaps it would be a good idea to educate students/new grads to contact ARC-PA and express their concern.
  14. BayPAC

    Concierge Medicine

    I have seen PA's involved with functional medicine. Is this the same thing?
  15. okay... I think we all have fear of practicing medicine as a new grad. I remember how nervous I was when I wrote my first prescription. So many "what if's" I had in my mind. Fear of hurting someone has helped me to study more, to investigate more... I don't rely on everything my SP tells me. I'm always reading, questioning.... Fear is a good thing as long as you don't let the feeling to control you. That being said, you have to accept a job at some point (soon!!). Oh.. working in psych having a SP who is not in psych is a big no-no. Who would guide you, answer your questions about you psych cases? And you will have tones of questions in the beginning. Wish you the best!

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