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Does contact tracing and monitoring count as HCE?

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How would you describe your duties on CASPA

13 hours ago, cschreiner7701 said:

I have been hired as a contact tracer/monitor and was wondering if it would count as health care experience. I know it is not direct patient care, but I am wondering if it at least counts toward HCE.


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    • By Perdikos
      Hello!  I’m currently a senior biology major working as a medical scribe for a bit over 1 year now. I have accumulated about 1100 hours so far and have a cGPA of 3.63 and a science GPA of 3.36. I also have volunteered at a food bank with about 100 hours during the weekends. As a scribe I chart many aspects of the patient visit including vitals, HPI, physical exam and future plans. I also occasionally assist the provider with small tasks such as cerumen flushing in internal medicine or taking an US in a rheumatology setting. I have been researching PA programs to apply to and focusing on those that list scribing as PCE.  I am worried that this experience alone may not be enough as some schools don’t mention scribing as true PCE and I don’t feel I am able to gain another experience as I am currently studying for the GRE, working 3 times a week and will begin my next school semester soon. During my gap year after I apply I will have more time to find another part time job but this won’t be reflected on my application.  Will I still have a chance at being accepted into a program next cycle and if not what else do you recommend I do prior to applying? Thanks for any help you can provide. 
    • By gavnj
      I feel like I'm seeing more and more current college students and recent grads on here, knowing that they want to pursue PA right out of the gate (which is awesome!)
      I'm curious what the breakdown is of pre-PA folks here who are pursuing a career pivot to PA vs those who are pursuing PA as their first career (or whose PCE/HCE job was chosen specifically to meet PA school requirements)? 
      (I've been a certified athletic trainer for 7 years and have had my sights set on PA for about 4 years --  had to spruce up the ol' GPA prior to applying -- this year is my first application cycle! I've absolutely loved being and ATC, and plan to keep my certification active as a PA, but have reached the point where I really want to be able to do more for my patients. I know, cliche... but true.)
    • By nalmenario
      Hello, I am currently as sophomore at my university, and I was wondering when would be the best time to start working 1000-2000 HCE or PCE experience? I plan to appy when I complete my undergrad. I am looking into working as a scribe or a CNA. Thank you. 
    • By Elsebond
      This may be an ultimately personal decision but I wanted some feedback. Sorry if it’s long.
      Currently my mother is undergoing aggressive chemo. She has her “on” week and then two weeks “off”. She has a few months left of her treatment and I currently live with her so Im taking her to appointments and helping her with what she needs. Although she is younger and doesn’t need a ton of care. 
      She was diagnosed just months ago and it has obviously been a whirlwind with this and COVID. I previously was planning to be working full time by now and get PCE hours to apply next application year as I currently have 0 hours. I was planning to take O-Chem this fall and I’ve been studying for the GRE for about a month. 
      The only part-time jobs I’ve been able to find are physical therapy aide jobs in private non-inpatient places (of which I have an interview next week) but I’m the least stoked on PT aide. Maybe someone with that experience could make the case for it? I’m an introvert who loves people but I’m not an athletic, comfortable in a sports environment type. I do love one on one connections though and am not overly shy. 
      I have shadowed in multiple health clinics, I just don’t care much for PT! But I know it’s stepping stone. 
      I feel like if I got into this part time job I’d probably would want to in a few months if things settle down with my mom to move to full time in another job. Is it worth it to take on a part time job to at least get some hours started for just a few months or just wait it out and worry about the other things in my life first?
      Of course the extra worry of potential patient contact meaning advanced exposure which I would bring home to my mom. 
      For context I plan to apply to many schools with only recommended patient care or very low requirements and I have a 4.0 post bacc in pre-reqs and 3.73 of my first degree in economics. 
      thank you! 
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