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  1. I have been hired as a contact tracer/monitor and was wondering if it would count as health care experience. I know it is not direct patient care, but I am wondering if it at least counts toward HCE.
  2. I somehow ended up on some weird discussion forum where someone was asking if they should schedule an appointment later with a different doctor because her clinic told her she would be seeing a PA and she didn't trust PAs and found it irritating she wouldn't get to see a doctor. This was in Florida which I never plan to live in. I'll likely spend my time in Oregon, Washington, or Colorado, or possibly California. I am just worried that I will never be respected or trusted like a doctor is, even if I have the training and have been in the profession for a while. Has anyone experienced this? I don't want to do med school mostly because I don't want to go through internship and residency and don't want to be in school for 4 more years to then have to go through a residency and I want to have more time with patients than I've noticed that doctors have. These are 2 of the main reasons I want to go to PA school, along with the fact that I want to be able to switch specialties more easily. Is this idea make or break on my pre-PA path? It has me worried. I would be shadowing PAs right now but none of them in my area are allowing shadowing due to COVID-19.
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