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Which School is better

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I need help deciding between 2 schools. One of them is DePaul which is a business school but is way less expensive. It has the pre- physicians assistant track and it also offers priority screening into this Physicians assistant school after graduation. The other school is Loyola, and it is a medical school. It would offer me more opportunities such as research and internships. At both schools I would be taking the same classes. Any advice on which is the better option and if it matters that much on where I go for my undergrad? 

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I agree with MT2PA it kind of really doesn't matter which program you go to as long as you excel in your classes, especially the prerequisites for PA school. I would do your research to see which school is a better fit for you and which school has more to offer. Maybe look to see how their science classes are at each school. Just a word of caution, this might not be true for all schools but just be careful if you were to choose a school that is known for their research. For heavily research based schools a majority of their professors are tenured, so it might affect how you learn. Some professor might focus more on their research than teaching. Again it might not be true for all professors. It just comes from personal experience. Best of luck! 

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Here's my opinion,  as someone who (1) has changed careers a few times over the years, (2) is married to a woman who changed majors in college, and (3) is the father of two of three children who likewise changed majors in college:

Keep your options open. Right now you might feel that being a PA is the only thing in life for you. And maybe it is, but maybe you'll find other interests. 

Pick an undergraduate institution (1) that you can afford, (2) that exposes you to other students with a wide variety of interests, and (3) that gives you a chance to take a class here and there that might open your eyes. And (4) that has the prerequisites you'll need if you stay the course and apply to PA school in 4 years.

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