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  1. Are those the only interview dates they have left?
  2. Has anyone received a rejection from them?
  3. I didn't get anything from them
  4. Hey futurepaphd! I was in group C1! You?
  5. Has anyone heard back from the 12/11 interview yet? Last year people received phone calls as early as 12/15. Best of luck to everyone who interviewed!
  6. Yes it happened to me too! Not just once, but twice. The first time was an invite confirmation that was due to computer issues and the second time was an actual invite and they said they were having computer issues as well. I hope they get it resolved soon, cause its so bad. I would feel bad for someone who gets an "accidental acceptances."
  7. I'm interviewing on that day too!!!!!
  8. Got an interview for 12/11! Is anyone interviewing on that day
  9. My application for CASPA was verified around June 15! It took them a while to email me the "application being reviewed."
  10. Same! I got mine on 9/4 and have yet to hear back ? I'll keep you updated!
  11. Just submitted my supplemental!!!! Hoping for the best!
  12. For the first question on the supplemental, did you guys just responded with yes/no? I felt like I elaborated on them on the third question of the supplemental. Also for the second question did you guys just list your shadowing experiences or elaborated on what you observed etc?
  13. Just received this today! Finally got an invitation to complete the supplemental!
  14. That's what I received on 6/18. I'm sure you will receive an email from them shortly!

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